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You Can Create SEO Articles for Free with Bing Chat

Are you tired of spending hours writing SEO articles? Well, I have good news for you! You can now use Bing Chat for free to generate SEO articles. In this article, I will show you how to utilize Bing Chat's features and create high-quality content effortlessly.

Getting Started with Bing Chat

To begin, you will need to download and install Microsoft Edge. This is necessary as Bing Chat is integrated into Microsoft Edge. Once you have installed Microsoft Edge, create an account to access the full functionality of Bing Chat. When you are signed in, you can click on the chat tab at the top of the Bing page.

Sign In to Unlock More Features

If you are not signed in, you will have limited access to Bing Chat. Signing in allows you to ask more questions and engage in longer conversations. A sign-in prompt will appear if you attempt to use Bing Chat without logging in. By signing in, you gain access to a broader range of conversation prompts.

Writing Effective Prompts

The key to obtaining accurate and relevant content from Bing Chat is to write effective prompts. A well-written prompt ensures that the AI understands your requirements and generates content accordingly. Consider incorporating the following elements into your prompts to enhance the quality of the generated articles:

  1. Brands and Products: Include the brands or products that your business sells. This adds uniqueness to the article that cannot be found on other websites.

  2. Focus Keywords: Identify focus keywords for your SEO strategy. If you are unfamiliar with keyword research, there are resources available to help you find suitable keywords for your articles.

  3. Markdown Elements: Encourage the use of various visual elements, such as lists, tables, and diagrams, within the generated content. These elements enhance the article's visual appeal and can positively impact its Google ranking.

  4. Internal Linking: Provide the AI with your website's URL structure to enable the creation of internal links within the generated articles. This can improve the overall SEO of your website.

The Power of Bing Chat and GPT4

Bing Chat is powered by GPT4, the latest version of OpenAI's language model. GPT4 received its release in March and provides significant improvements over previous versions. This collaboration between Bing and OpenAI ensures that the content generated by Bing Chat is up-to-date and highly accurate. With Bing Chat's connection to the internet, it can retrieve real-time information and produce reliable articles.

Generating SEO Articles with Bing Chat

Let's take a closer look at how to generate SEO articles using Bing Chat. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Bing Chat within Microsoft Edge.

  2. Write a prompt that aligns with your desired article topic and includes the necessary elements mentioned earlier.

  3. Submit the prompt and let Bing Chat work its magic.

  4. Review the generated content and make any necessary modifications.

  5. Copy the content, including the markdown formatting, to use for your SEO purposes.

Quality of Generated Content

The content generated by Bing Chat is surprisingly good. It incorporates short, snappy sentences, avoids repetition, and displays a good understanding of the given prompt. While it may occasionally produce random images and links, they can be easily replaced with your own visuals. Remember, the quality of the article ultimately depends on how well you write the prompt and tailor it to your desired outcome.

Benefits of GPT4 Over GPT3.5

GPT4 offers significant advantages over its predecessor, GPT3.5. It provides better understanding of prompts and generally delivers higher-quality content. Therefore, utilizing GPT4 within Bing Chat instead of GPT3.5 in the Chat GPT UI is a preferable option for article creation. Additionally, GPT4's content ranks better in search engines, ensuring your articles gain greater visibility.

Word Count and Originality Check

When using Bing Chat, you may wonder how many words your generated article contains. You can utilize external tools, such as "Originality," to determine the word count. However, exercise caution with such tools, as their accuracy may vary. In addition, while the generated content may be identified as AI-generated, it should not be considered plagiarized.

Maximize Bing Chat's Features

Apart from generating articles, Bing Chat has additional useful features. For example, it allows live searches, enabling you to look up information from the internet. Suppose you need to check if a specific website has an API. Simply type your query into Bing Chat, and it will search the web for you. This feature can save you time and improve your workflow.


In conclusion, Bing Chat offers a valuable resource for creating SEO articles for free. Its integration with GPT4 ensures accurate and up-to-date content generation. By utilizing effective prompts and understanding the nuances of Bing Chat, you can produce high-quality articles effortlessly. So why pay for expensive AI tools when you can harness the power of Bing Chat? Give it a try today and elevate your content creation process.

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