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Wild Wild Wednesday: Episode 50 - A Special Vegas Edition

Welcome back to another episode of Wild Wild Wednesday! This week marks the 50th episode of the series and as a celebration, the host is doing a special Vegas edition episode. The host is doing a $500 starting bankroll episode with $5 bets or higher on their first multi-denomination Wild Wild machine played at the Cosmopolitan. The ultimate goal is to get the first Wild Wild jackpot hand pay after 100 sessions each Wednesday.

The Quest for the Hand Pay

The host starts with a 1-cent denomination and hopes to hit at least a bonus or two. They are excited to begin with the $5 bets and hopeful that the multi-dina will bring them more luck.

Trying Different Denominations

In order to increase chances of hitting a bonus, the host decides to switch to a 2-cent denomination with $2 bets. They manage to get a $10 bonus with a 1200 check left hand pay.

Next up, the host decides to try the 5-cent denomination with $5 bets. As an added bonus for the viewers, the host does some speed play and manages to get a second bonus. At this point, the host is ecstatic and feels like this could be the finale episode for the Wild Wild series.

Jackpot Hand Pay

The moment we have all been waiting for finally arrives. The host switches to a nickel diva with a $5 bet and gets a bonus round. The outcome is a jackpot hand pay of $2400 after a year-long Wild Wild quest. The host is thrilled and can't believe that it finally happened on the 50th episode.

Performance of the Weekly Series

After 50 sessions with a total cash-in of $5400, the host is officially ahead in profit with a total win-loss of 20-30. The host managed to win 40 out of their 50 episodes, and on this 50th episode, the host hit a jackpot hand pay and ended the Wild Wild series with a profit of $7,156.65.

Future Plans

The Wild Wild series finale marks the end of a year-long quest, but the host is excited for future endeavors. They plan to take a break and may start up a brand new weekly series soon. With Wild Wild Buffalo coming soon to their casino, we may see another Wild Wild quest in the near future.

In conclusion, the host ends the video thanking their viewers for sticking with them throughout the 50-episode journey. It has been a roller coaster ride, but it has been worth it. They are excited for what's to come and hopes that their viewers will continue to support them.

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