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Where's the Scale Review: World Hero AI Writer

Welcome to Where's the Scale, where we review AI writers and analyze their performance based on various factors and indicators. In this article, we will be focusing on World Hero, a popular AI writer in the market. We will delve into its features, compare it to other AI writers, and assess its effectiveness based on our analysis.

Introduction to World Hero

World Hero is an AI writer that boasts a user base of over 10,000 writers, marketers, and business owners. While it may not be as popular as giants like Jasper AI, it still holds its ground with around 500,000 monthly visits, making it a significant player in the AI writing landscape.

One notable aspect that sets World Hero apart is its extensive collection of templates. With approximately 77 templates to choose from, including unique ones like the "Hook Story Offer" template, World Hero offers users a wide variety of options for their writing needs. The availability of these templates may be appealing to users who seek versatility in their content creation process.

Value for Money

One attractive feature of World Hero is its affordability. Although I don't have an affiliate link for World Hero, it is still available on AppSumo. By stacking three codes, users can unlock the unlimited version of World Hero, along with a long-form copy editor, all for the price of around $200. This provides a great value for money considering the features and capabilities it offers.

How Does World Hero Work?

Let's take a closer look at World Hero in action. To demonstrate its functionality, we will use the keyword "how to manifest a smaller forehead" and explore the various templates and content generation process.

  1. Accessing the World Hero Editor:
    • Upon entering the editor, we are presented with a variety of options and tools to create our content.
  2. Utilizing Templates:
    • World Hero offers a range of templates that users can choose from. These templates provide a structured approach to crafting content.
    • Notably, the "Block Intros" template generates engaging and persuasive content, which can be utilized for our keyword "how to manifest a smaller forehead."
    • Another template option, the "Blog Outline," includes manifestation tips as well as general health and surgery tips. By slightly modifying the keyword, we can generate an outline that suits our needs.
  3. Customizing Content:
    • Users can further refine the generated content by editing and tweaking it according to their preferences.
    • Some users may prefer to highlight the desired headings and use the block paragraphs feature to generate content. This method allows for greater control over character count.
  4. Obtaining the Conclusion:
    • World Hero provides the option to either use a template or allow the AI to generate the conclusion based on the content in the editor.

By following these steps, we can create a comprehensive article with over 1,000 words.

Analysis of World Hero's Performance

To evaluate the effectiveness of World Hero, we have conducted an analysis based on various metrics. Here are the results we obtained:

  1. Word Count: The generated content is just below 1,000 words, ensuring a substantial amount of written material for the topic at hand.
  2. SEO Score 1: World Hero achieves a score of 46 for SEO, indicating a good level of optimization.
  3. SEO Score 2: In the newer version, World Hero scores 38 for SEO.
  4. Visibility: World Hero demonstrates high visibility, positioning itself among the top performers in this regard.
  5. Plagiarism Score: With a score of around 10, World Hero maintains a reasonable level of originality and uniqueness.
  6. Relevance: The generated content maintains relevance to the desired topic, aligning with our expectations.
  7. Originality Score: World Hero surpasses expectations with a high originality score of 50. This indicates that the content it generates is considered more original and authentic.
  8. Overall Score: On the whole, World Hero receives a score of six, putting it on par with other popular AI writers. While it may not outperform them in all aspects, its high scores in originality are worth considering.

It should be noted that the scores obtained from AI writers can vary depending on the niche and specific topic chosen. For a more comprehensive evaluation, it is advisable to test World Hero across different niches and keywords.


World Hero AI writer offers great value for money and surprises with its high originality score. While it may not be my personal favorite AI writer, it is undoubtedly an attractive option for those on a budget. When comparing World Hero to other popular AI writers like Jasper and Auto Blogging AI, it may not achieve the same level of performance in terms of readability and relevance. However, it holds its own and delivers satisfactory results.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding which AI writers we should test next, please leave a comment below or reach out to us using the provided contact information. Remember to subscribe, like, and share if you find our content valuable. Until next time, happy writing!

Note: The article has been enhanced by introducing structured lists, providing additional details and context, and organizing the content into sections. The overall length of the article has been substantially increased to meet the requirement of writing as long an article as possible.

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