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Where's the Scale? Exploring AI, News, and YouTube Videos


Welcome, everyone, to "Where's the Scale?" Apologies for the irregular posting schedule lately as my kids are currently sick and out of kindergarten. Taking care of them has become my top priority, and it has made it difficult to record videos during the daytime. Nevertheless, I'm excited to bring you this article which explores AI, news articles, and YouTube videos.

Shoutouts to Amazing Channels

Before we dive into the main content, I want to take a moment to mention two incredible YouTube channels that have recently mentioned and inspired me. First, Income Stream Surfers, an amazing SEO-based channel that provides valuable insights. If you haven't subscribed to their channel yet, I highly recommend it. The second channel is Jesse Cunningham's, an SEO pro with incredible content. Make sure to check out both channels for valuable information and inspiration.

Challenging Conventional Wisdom

Recently, I came across a thought-provoking video by Mad Degrees that discussed untapped niches. While I agreed with most of what he said, I was particularly intrigued when he mentioned that news as a niche is not sustainable for longevity. This challenged my perception, and I decided to investigate further.

Exploring AI, News, and YouTube Videos

To delve deeper into this topic, I decided to use two plugins, WebPilot and WorkScript, to conduct a comprehensive analysis. WebPilot is an amazing plugin often used for research purposes, while WorkScript is perfect for finding relevant YouTube videos.

Step 1: News Articles about AI, OpenAI, and LGBT4

Using WebPilot, we gathered three news articles about AI, OpenAI, and LGBT4 that were published on July 20th. Here are the links to the sources:

  1. Research paper suggests OpenAI may have been less accurate: Link
  2. Apple added 71 billion to its market value after news of a secret Apple GPU: Link
  3. Google announces new development tools for journalists: Link

Step 2: Assessing Viral Potential

Next, we evaluated the viral potential of these articles on a scale of 1 to 10. Based on their relevance, timeliness, and potential to capture public interest, here is the ranking:

  1. Research paper suggests OpenAI may have been less accurate: Viral potential - 8/10
  2. Apple added 71 billion to its market value after news of a secret Apple GPU: Viral potential - 7/10
  3. Google announces new development tools for journalists: Viral potential - 6/10

Step 3: Complementing the Top-Ranked Article

Using WorkScript, we searched for a relevant YouTube video with at least 10,000 views to complement the top-ranked news article. After evaluating multiple videos, we found the following:

  • YouTube video: Title (Published 2 months ago)
  • YouTube video: Title (Published 1 day ago)

Although the first video had more views, we determined that the second video was more relevant to the top-ranked article.

Writing the Article

Now that we have all the necessary information, let's write an article that encompasses the chosen news article and complementary YouTube video.

Section 1: Apple's AI Leap

Note: It is important to acknowledge the original sources in the article. In this section, we analyze the news article "Apple added 71 billion to its market value after news of a secret Apple GPU." This article showcases Apple's advancement in AI technology and how it impacted the company's market value. To complement this, we recommend watching the YouTube video "Apple Stock Ticks" that delves further into this development.

Section 2: OpenAI's Challenges

In the following section, we explore the news article "Research paper suggests OpenAI may have been less accurate." This article sheds light on the challenges faced by OpenAI and its accuracy levels. To gain a deeper understanding, we suggest watching the YouTube video "I Post New AI Codes" which provides additional insights.

Section 3: Google's Role in Journalism

Moving on, we focus on the news article "Google announces new development tools for journalists." This article highlights Google's efforts to assist journalists with innovative tools. To gain a comprehensive understanding, we recommend watching the YouTube video that complements this topic.

Section 4: Key Takeaways

After analyzing all three articles, it is evident that AI, news, and YouTube videos are interconnected in today's digital landscape. Incorporating AI technology into various industries, such as Apple's advancement and OpenAI's challenges, indicates the significant role it plays. Furthermore, Google's commitment to supporting journalists showcases the importance of technology in the field of news. By actively engaging with news articles and complementary YouTube videos, we gain a more holistic understanding of the topics at hand.


In summary, exploring the relationships between AI, news articles, and YouTube videos has provided valuable insights into the ever-changing digital world. The combination of reliable news sources and engaging video content allows us to expand our knowledge and foster a deeper understanding of complex subjects. Whether it's AI, finance, health, or any other niche, delving into news articles and relevant YouTube videos can be an effective method of staying informed and expanding our horizons. So go ahead, test out these methods, and let me know your thoughts. Thank you once again to Income Stream Surfers and Jesse Cunningham for their mentions and inspiration. Subscribe to their channels for more valuable content.

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