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What Drives and Motivates Ryan Serhant?

Ryan Serhant, the charismatic real estate expert, hasn't posted a vlog in the last two weeks. In his latest video, he mentions a few massive announcements, one of which is the massive announcement itself. Ryan is moving to New York in 2006 with a plan to give himself two years to see if he can make it as an actor.

What Inspires Ryan Serhant's Drive?

Ryan is motivated by a fear of wasted potential, which drives him to act with hustle every day. He is terrified by the idea of leaving something on the table and always thinking about maximizing every moment of his life. Ryan believes life is too short and that we must make the most of all the time we have.

Lessons Learned from Working with Jim Test

From his years working with Jim Test, Ryan learned what he wanted and what he didn't want out of life. He figured out that he didn't want to do manual labor work like carrying shingles and doing demolitions. It's a lesson about discovering what ignites your passion and finding a career that aligns with those passions.

Building a Successful Real Estate Business

Ryan has built the #1 selling real estate team in New York for three years in a row and is the #3 selling team in the entire country. Ryan often compares his team to a football team, where everyone has a critical role to play in driving success. It is essential to wake up every day, get your mind right, and stay excited to do the work. Ryan loves doing the work, which separates him from other people in the industry. Among other things, Ryan also tries to spin his flaws and turn negatives into positives.

The Black Friday Sale

Finally, Ryan made another massive announcement - Black Friday is coming, and he is running a 50% sale on his online course called the Serhant Course. This course has helped thousands of students learn valuable skills in the real estate industry, making it a much sought-after product. Join Ryan in maximizing your potential and leveraging every opportunity life presents by signing up for this resource-packed course.

In conclusion, Ryan's message is that life is short, and we must maximize every moment we have. We must be passionate about our work and aim to maximize our potential. Moreover, we must be mindful of every opportunity that comes our way, and history can show us how we can use it to our advantage. So, keep hustling and stay motivated towards your goals!

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