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Welcome to Episode 26 of Power Sludge

In this episode, we join the narrator as they play their way through various slot machines at Resort World. The narrator starts by betting 50 cents on a $25 bet on a powerful Progressive Jackpot slot, Major Stars. The jackpot value is at $10,000 grand from Holly 25.

Playing Major Stars

The narrator hits a few spins, hoping to get the best bonus on the Half and More Path matching feature. During this game, the minor and mini jackpots get a multiplier during a 50,000 times 2 bet, during 75 times three in a high way 25, and 4 and 5 times respectively.

The first base bonus involves a mansion; the second is the Bus Stop feature, and the third is the Mega feature. Alas, while the narrator scores a few good wins, they don't manage to trigger the major jackpot.

Trying the Dollar Denomination

The narrator then decides to try their luck with the dollar denomination 50 dollar bets, with the hope of getting the Mega Bonus.

Playing All Aboard

After a few dollars of bets, the narrator moves on to play All Aboard while taking us all on a tour of the slot machine. They start with an $18 bet, then increase to a $31 bet.

All Aboard has a free spin feature, and the narrator needs just six trains or three stars to activate it. The minis jackpot is 375, the major 625, the maxi 31, and the mega 60 to 50.

The narrator manages to get the bonus round and hopes to score big.


After playing at various slot machines, the narrator has a mixed experience with some good wins and some losses. Nonetheless, they managed to have fun and entertain us along the way.

Tips for playing Progressive Jackpot Slot Machines

  • Understand the game's rules and bonus features.
  • Practice good money management and always bet within what you can afford.
  • Be patient as the Progressive Jackpot might take some time to hit.
  • Play for fun and entertainment, not just to win big.

Remember, the house always has an advantage, but playing responsibly can make the experience enjoyable.}

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