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Using Chat GPT Prompt to Create Valuable Content for Real Estate Agents

In this article/video, we will explore how real estate agents (and anyone else creating content marketing) can use a chat GPT prompt to create an article for their website all about things for kids to do during the summer in their specific city. This can be a valuable tool for providing value to your audience and building brand recognition.

How to Use Chat GPT Prompt

Here are the steps to use Chat GPT prompt:

  1. Go to chat.openai.com or use a Chrome extension like Chat GPT Sidebar or Chit Chat.
  2. Input the prompt, such as "Write me an article about 99 things for kids to do during the summer in Las Vegas".
  3. Specify that each item should be a numbered H2 and categorized.
  4. Let the prompt generate the list of ideas for you.

Building Topic Clusters

You can take this even further by creating a topic cluster by creating a separate page or blog post about each item on the list. This strategy can help build your website's authority and make it more appealing to users and search engines.

Creating Social Media Posts

You can use the generated list to create separate social media posts for each item on the list. These posts can be linked to your website or blog, providing more traffic and brand recognition. Simply use the prompt to create a post for each item, and include your URL and related hashtags.

How to Use Chatbots to Create Viral Content

Are you tired of brainstorming new content ideas and struggling to create quality posts? Look no further, because chatbots might just be the solution to your problems. By using chatbot technology, you can easily generate a list of content ideas that are sure to go viral. Here's how:

  1. Utilize Chatbot Technology: Chatbot technology can be used to generate a list of content ideas, making it perfect for busy marketers or business owners who are looking for content ideas.

  2. Create a Long-Form Content: Start by creating a long-form content piece that has 99 ideas for summer activities with kids. It could include links and descriptions of local parks, libraries, and water parks.

  3. Repurpose Content: Repurpose each idea from the long-form content into individual blog posts, emails, and social media posts. This way, you have 99 new pieces of content that can be shared across various platforms and reach a wider audience.

  4. Go Viral: Share your content with targeted audiences, including moms' Facebook groups, email subscribers, and social media followers. You can also collaborate with local businesses and get discounts for your readers.

  5. Keep Up the Momentum: Use this strategy for all seasons, holidays, and niches as there are endless possibilities for content creation through chatbots.

In addition, you can use chatbots to automate tasks such as lead generation and customer service, which can save you time and increase productivity.

If you're interested in learning more about chatbot technology and how it can help your business, check out the courses below. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create viral content and grow your business with the help of chatbots.

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