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Using Chachi PT for SEO: A Game Changer for Saving Time and Money

In this article, we will be discussing the last six months of research on using Chachi PT for SEO. Chachi PT is a game changer that has been designed to save users both time and money. In the past, hiring someone to write an article could cost a minimum of $50 for just one article of 1500-2000 words. However, with Chachi PT, users can now produce high-quality content that is rankable on Google.

The Two Versions of Chachi PT

Chachi PT has two versions: Chachi GPT UI and Chachi GPT Playground. The latter gives users more control over the content output and is preferred by many users. However, if you only have access to GPT 3.5, then you should use GPT 4 inside the UI.

The Two Models of Chachi PT

There are two models of Chachi PT: 3.5 and 4. GPT 3.5 is faster, while GPT 4 is better and has Browse with Bing and plugins. Chachi PT Premium, which is Chachi GPT4, requires a subscription fee of $19.99 per month. However, users can still produce cheap content using the API.

The Importance of Good Input

Input, also known as prompting, is the most crucial part of producing rankable SEO content. Users need to ensure that they are using good input instead of bad input. Bad input will not rank on Google even if it has formatted HTML. On the other hand, good input can be formatted with H2 headings, unordered and ordered lists, block quotes, and bold or italicized text, making it more rankable.

A Good Prompt Example

A good prompt example includes using several headings and subheadings with different words. Users should not use brands from the outline but use their brands from the XML internal links. After using an internal link, users should not reuse that link. Users must include keywords, use several formatting styles, such as H1, H2, ordered lists, unordered lists, block quotes, bold, and italics, to make the article rankable.

Keyword Planning

When planning keywords, users should use Google Ads Keyword Planner and enter broad terms related to their niche. They should look for keywords with a high search volume and use a competitor's article to create an outline. With Harper AI, users can then customize and generate an outline from the chosen article that they can use as a guide.

By using Chachi PT for SEO, users save both money and time while creating high-quality rankable content. With proper input and keyword planning, users can maximize the benefits of Chachi PT, making it a game changer in the world of SEO.

How to Use Prompts to Generate Article Outlines and Keywords

Have you ever struggled with writer's block or not knowing where to start when writing an article? Using prompts can be a great way to generate outlines and keywords for your articles. In this article, we will discuss how to use prompts to generate article outlines and keywords, and how to use them to create compelling content.

Getting Started

To get started, you will need to find a prompt that is relevant to your topic. Many online tools, such as GPT-3 and GPT-4, offer prompts that can be used as a starting point for your article. Once you have found a prompt, you will want to create an outline and a list of keywords.

Creating an Outline

Creating an outline is an important step in the writing process. It helps to organize your thoughts and ensure that your content flows logically. To create an outline from the prompt, simply read through the prompt and jot down the main points. For longer prompts, you may want to break it down into smaller sections and create a hierarchical outline.

Generating Keywords

After creating an outline, you will want to generate a list of keywords to use in your article. Keywords are important for search engine optimization and can help your article rank higher in search results. To generate keywords, simply look for relevant terms or phrases in the prompt and add them to your list.

Refining the Prompt

Once you have an outline and a list of keywords, it's important to refine the prompt to ensure that it aligns with your brand and topic. You can do this by editing the prompt to reflect your brand's messaging or by searching for a new prompt that better aligns with your topic.

Using Internal Links

Internal links are important for keeping readers on your site and improving user experience. To add internal links to your article, you will need to compile a list of relevant pages on your site and insert them into your article. You can find a list of pages by using a sitemap or by searching your site.


Using prompts can be a helpful tool for generating outlines and keywords for your articles. By refining the prompts, creating an outline, generating keywords, and adding internal links, you can create compelling content that engages readers and drives traffic to your site. So next time you have writer's block, try using a prompt to jumpstart your creativity!

Using Embeds and Chat GPT for Unique E-commerce SEO Content

As an e-commerce business selling luxury men's wear, we understand the importance of creating unique SEO content that sets our website apart from our competitors. That's why we've experimented with using embeds and Chat GPT to generate unique content based on our products and brands.

What is the Avatar?

We stumbled upon the Avatar while reading OpenAI's website. It's a tool that uses XML tags to create product descriptions that Chat GPT can understand. We found this particularly useful for targeting our male customers who are looking to purchase luxury items such as yachts, classic menswear, and a luxury lifestyle. Our target audience includes individuals who work in white-collar professions such as lawyers, bankers, and tech professionals, earning between 100K to 1 million per year.

Our Brands and Partnerships

As a multi-brand company, we are proud to sell brands such as Kiton, Brunello Cucinelli, and other Italian tailoring houses. Our close partnerships with these companies have been cultivated over many years, and our men's clothes are carefully selected from the best brands in the world. We specialize in more sportif brands such as Santoni, Premiata, and Caperna tea, offering some of the most competitive prices in the world.

Using Embeds for Unique Media

By embedding relevant collections and products using Shopify-specific coding, we're able to populate our website with unique media that Google recognizes as such. Instead of relying solely on traditional affiliate marketing and using the same content as our competitors, we've been able to branch out and create unique content that reaches our target audience more effectively.

Chat GPT SEO Best Practices

We've discovered a few best practices when using Chat GPT for SEO content creation:

  • Keep titles short and to the point
  • URLs should be focused on the target keyword
  • Add alt text to all images for accessibility and improved SEO ranking
  • Experiment and personalize your content for the best results

Verify on Search Console and Google Analytics

Finally, we highly recommend verifying your website on search console and setting up Google Analytics. Submitting new blog posts to search console has also been helpful in driving traffic to our website. By waiting until all tests pass and then submitting, we've been able to see our new content indexed within a few hours.

In conclusion, using embeds and Chat GPT has been a game-changer for our e-commerce SEO strategy. By creating unique media and personalizing our content, we've been able to reach our target audience more effectively and see better results overall. So give it a try and see what unique content you can create for your business!

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