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Update on the Success of Mastering the Smart Casual Dress Code Article

Hello and welcome back to my channel! In this article, I wanted to provide an update on the success of my article, "Mastering the Smart Casual Dress Code for Men," which was published on May 29th, 2023 on Eye Suit. In a recent video, I shared that the article ranked on Google within eight hours of its release despite the skepticism of some viewers who said it would not work in the long run. Now, almost a month later, I can proudly say that the article has been performing exceptionally well.

Current Rankings and Organic Traffic

According to Ahrefs, the article is currently the 15th highest traffic article after just 22 days of being released. It has picked up 126 organic keywords, and 85 of those are in the United States. Although it has not yet broken onto the first page for "casual dress code," it is very close to doing so. With 809 keywords already, it is on track to becoming a popular article. Furthermore, it has received 89 clicks in just 22 days, proving the skeptics wrong who said it would not receive clicks in the long run.

Tips for Writing Successful Articles

Based on my experience with this article and other successful articles, here are some tips for achieving similar success:

  • Focus on writing long, detailed articles to build topical authority.
  • Consider waiting six months or so before introducing GPT4 articles, which can be quickly written and edited.
  • For fresh websites, do not release more than a few articles per day.
  • Wait until you have a fairly authoritative website before using GPT4 content to its full potential.

Learning from Other Successful Websites

One website that has been achieving great success is Julian's website, Chipper Birds. This authoritative website has been around for three years and is currently doing incredibly well. By studying websites like this, we can gain insight into what kind of content works and when it is best to release it.

Using GPT-4 for SEO Content Writing

When it comes to writing SEO content, there are many factors to consider. One of the latest advancements in content creation technology is the use of GPT-4, which has shown impressive results. However, there are some limitations to using this AI on authoritative websites. Here are some key takeaways:

Pros of using GPT-4 for SEO content writing

  • GPT-4 produces high-quality content quickly.
  • It reduces the time and effort needed for SEO content writing.
  • It can be highly effective for writing new content on established websites.

Cons of using GPT-4 for SEO content writing

  • GPT-4 tends to be slower on less authoritative websites.
  • New websites may not benefit as much, as SEO favors older websites with more authority.

It's important to keep in mind that SEO has always favored older websites with authority. However, this is not to say that new websites cannot benefit from GPT-4 technology.

Tips for Writing SEO Content with GPT-4

Here are some tips for writing SEO content with GPT-4:

  • Watch this video for a comprehensive guide on how to use GPT-4 for SEO content writing.
  • Make sure that the FAQ content on the page is the same as the FAQ schema.
  • Understand that low CTRs for new articles are expected until they gain more authority.
  • Keep in mind, if Impressions go down, it's worse than if clicks go down.

Other Considerations for SEO Content Writing

Here are some additional considerations for SEO content writing:

  • Use analytics tools like Google Analytics to track traffic growth.
  • Don't worry too much about Impressions staying the same when clicks go down.
  • When clicks go up from Sunday to Monday, it often indicates growth.
  • Organic traffic on Mondays is usually a good indicator of what to expect for the week.

Overall, GPT-4 technology has proven to be an effective tool for SEO content writing. By following these tips and considering these additional factors, you can create high-quality SEO content that drives traffic to your website.

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