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Ultimate Burling Cash Balls: A Second Chance

Ultimate Burling Cash Balls is a relatively new game that seems to have divided opinions among gamers. However, Phoenix Jinji Balzi, a gambling enthusiast, decided to give the game a second chance at Wing Casino. This article is a detailed account of his experience playing the game, including the wins and losses he encountered along the way.

The Game

Ultimate Burling Cash Balls is a slot machine game that has fire link features and changing layouts, which can make it challenging to predict what will happen next. The game provides different betting options, but in this case, Phoenix Jinji Balzi decided to play with $100 and bet five cents at a time.


Phoenix Jinji Balzi started by laying a bet of $3.50 and tested the waters with an initial run of spins. He noted the comments online that criticized the game, but he remained optimistic and confident that he could turn the opinions around. The initial spins did not yield any significant results, but he did not give up.


Phoenix Jinji Balzi eventually managed to land some wins, though not without some level of frustration. He got a bonus win after getting two free game symbols and several fireballs on the board. In his attempt to get more wins, he kept trying, but it was not until much later than he managed to get the fire link feature to provide him with a more substantial payout.


The game is not without its challenges, and it took Phoenix Jinji Balzi a while to get the bonus. He encountered difficulties in getting the bonus to trigger, which made the game challenging and frustrating at times. Despite the challenges, he kept going and landed some significant victories in the game.

Reaction to the Game

Phoenix Jinji Balzi acknowledged that the game was challenging, but from his experience, he believes that the game is not as bad as some gamers have claimed. The fire link feature, changing layouts, and various betting options provide a unique experience that can be both exciting and rewarding.


Phoenix Jinji Balzi is an avid gambler who gives his honest opinions about the games he plays. His experience with Ultimate Burling Cash Balls shows that the game has its ups and downs, but it still offers a unique experience as far as slot machines go. He also notes that while the game is challenging, it can still provide significant payouts if you're lucky enough. If you're looking for a slot machine game to test your luck, Ultimate Burling Cash Balls may be worth trying out.

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