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Two Weeks in Africa: A Vacation Vlog

If you're looking for a travel vlog that's different from the rest, then you've come to the right place. Welcome to a two-week vacation in Africa, specifically South Africa, caught on camera with our trusty camera and a stick. This vlog might jump around a bit since we're not the best vloggers, but we promise to take you on an adventure that will be well worth your time.

Exploring Cape Town

Our journey begins in Camps Bay, Cape Town. Our first morning greets us with a beautiful view outside our room. After grabbing some breakfast, we set out to hike up Lion's Head and Table Mountain. Even though hiking is not a common activity for us New Yorkers, we all manage to climb to the top with a bit of effort.

With the whole family in tow, we take in the beautiful sunset over the 12 apostles mountains. We're just getting started, but we can already tell that South Africa is going to be one of the coolest places we've ever visited.

Wine Country

The next place we visit is the Grand Provence winery. Here, we sample some of the best wines in the country. Since it's vacation time, we take full advantage by indulging in our favorite drinks without any restrictions.

Safari Time

Finally, we arrive at the most exciting part of our trip: the Safari. We fly from Johannesburg to Backaway and then take a van to French Hoop. We stay at the Grand Provence for three nights before going on Safari.

It's our first night in the Safari, and safaris are always unpredictable. Our guide takes us on a game drive, and we encounter elephants, penguins, and even witness an interesting penguin courtship ritual. Later we get to see lions, zebras, and other wild animals.

Saving Rhinoceros- Our Most Memorable Experience

One of the memorable experiences of our trip was being able to help save a rhinoceros. We got to name the rhino, Elpida, which means hope in Greek, and we helped to tag and track DNA samples that could help curb illegal hunting in the future.

Final Thoughts

Our trip to South Africa was one of the most incredible experiences we've ever had. We loved the food, the wine, and the animals. It's a journey that we'd never forget, and we're so glad that we got to share it with everyone. If you're planning a trip to Africa, we highly recommend considering South Africa for a one-of-a-kind adventure.

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