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Touring the Google Search Center

Welcome to a virtual tour of the Google Search Center, where the company's search engine magic happens. In this episode of "What's New on Google Search?" with hosts Daniel and Martin, we will explore the exciting content on the Google Search YouTube channel.

The Latest News on Google Webmaster Guidelines

The most significant news of the day is the release of the revamped "Google Webmaster Guidelines," renamed as "Google Search Essentials." This new guide includes search engine optimization (SEO) recommendations such as how to use browsers and the Google Search Console tool to perform quick preliminary analysis. It also covers duplicate content issues, and how to avoid penalties imposed by the Google search algorithm.

Best Practices for Duplicate Content

Duplicate content can harm the rankings of your web pages by confusing Google's algorithm and making it harder to determine which page should rank higher. Here are some best practices recommended in the updated guidelines:

  • Use a 301 redirect to the original page when you detect duplicate content on different pages.
  • Use the "canonical" tag to let Google know which page should get a high ranking.
  • Ensure all pages on your website have a unique description and title to differentiate them from similar content.

Crystal's Perspective on Problem Solving

Crystal is a well-known SEO expert in the Google Search community. She shared her motto;

When people ask, "Oh, how do I solve this problem?" … Sometimes you can just not worry about it and treat it as business as usual, and nothing will happen.

Her view is that not all problems need urgent attention and can be resolved by taking a break and refocusing on other aspects of running your website.

Use "Bubble" Charts to Analyze Your Console Data

The show's hosts demonstrated how to use bubble charts to analyze your data in the Google Search Console. By visualizing data in this way, you can identify areas of your website that need optimization quickly. This analysis can help decide on what optimizations you need to speed up your site and reduce its load time.

A Glimpse Into the World of Google Search Development

Gary, a panelist on the show, explains that everything related to Google search is accessible to beginners and developers alike. The tips and guidance range from basic to advanced and can help solve specific problems.

Solving the Image CLS Problem

Gary gave an example of the image cumulative layout shift (CLS) problem affecting web pages' visual quality. One solution here is to include the image's dimensions in the HTML tag to prevent the layout's shift.

The Show's Format

This show is available as both a video and a podcast on the Google Search YouTube channel. The content varies from search queries to the latest developments in the search engine world. The goal of the show is to help users optimize their websites, from beginner to advanced levels.

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