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Top 5 AI-Driven Image Generator Tools as Free Alternatives to Mid-Journey

Are you tired of paying for Mid-Journey to generate images for your content or design projects? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of the top 5 free AI-driven image generator tools that can do the job just as well.

1. Lexica.art

The first tool on our list is Lexica.art, an online tool that generates images just like Mid-Journey, but is much easier to use. To get started with Lexica.art, simply visit their website and sign in with your Google account. Once logged in, you can type in any description or prompt for the image that you want to create. You can also choose the dimensions for the image and click on "generate". In just a few seconds, Lexica.art will generate completely original and never-seen-before images for you.

However, writing the perfect prompt is the key to achieving amazing results. Sometimes, it can be hard to express what we have in our mind. To help us with that, we have found a tool called Gravity right. This tool will give us better prompts to generate images that we have in our mind.

2. Gravity Right

Gravity Right provides better prompts for generating customized images. You can find the images section on their website and choose AI art, where you can enter the subject you want to see in your image. You can even specify what action the subject should be doing, mention the time of the day, and the environment that you're looking for. Most importantly, Gravity Right lets you choose the art form or style that you desire for your image. It provides prompt options with each prompt generating four different options, each with its own unique type. With these customized prompts in hand, you're now ready to create AI art just by copying the prompt you like and pasting it into Lexica.art.

3. Blue Willow

The third tool on our list is Blue Willow, a popular tool similar to Mid-Journey that can generate high-quality images. To get started with Blue Willow, visit their website and click on "Join the free beta". Then, type "/imagine prompt" followed by your idea. But before adding your idea, use Gravity Right to obtain a prompt tailored to your preferences. You will get a whole bunch of interesting image ideas. Then, simply copy and paste the prompt into Blue Willow and click on the "v" button to create different variations of the specific image. You can easily download your favorite images.

4. Adobe Firefly

The fourth tool on our list is Adobe Firefly, an ultimate creativity tool developed by geniuses at Adobe. To use this tool, head over to the Adobe Firefly website and login using your Adobe ID. Click on "request access" and start generating your images by clicking on "text to image" and entering the prompt obtained from Gravity Right. Experiment with different styles and customize the image to your preferences. Adobe Firefly offers a lot of options to generate amazing images.

5. Playground AI

The fifth and final tool on our list is Playground AI, an amazing platform with different image generator models and great customization options. It offers high-quality image generation and allows up to 1000 free pictures per day. To use this tool, simply sign in using your Google account and explore the community feed for artistic inspirations or head straight to the "create" tab to generate your own AI art. Enter the description for your image with the prompt obtained from Gravity Right. You can adjust image dimensions and select the quality that suits your needs.

Wrapping Up

These five AI-driven image generator tools can be used for free instead of paying for Mid-Journey. Although Mid-Journey is a paid tool with better image quality, these alternatives provide decent results and are completely free. Try them all out and let us know which one is your favorite tool in the comment section.

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