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Title: The Okie Monkey: A New Platform to Earn, Trade, and Save the Planet


Welcome to Chimpsy Army! In this article, we will take a closer look at the Okie Monkey, a new cryptocurrency project that has been gaining traction recently. This platform aims to revolutionize the way we earn, trade, and contribute to saving the planet. Let's jump right into it and explore the exciting features and benefits of the Okie Monkey.

The Gold Stage

The Okie Monkey has recently entered the gold stage, which is essentially stage 729 on this particular preview. This stage introduces a shop to earn, trade, and play platform that offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities. The platform's design is visually appealing and user-friendly, making it a delight for users to navigate through.

Learn to Earn and Trade

One of the key features of the Okie Monkey is the Learn to Earn element. Users can gain knowledge about the cryptocurrency market and various trading strategies while earning rewards. This platform also offers a trade to earn functionality, allowing users to participate in trading and earn profits based on their trading activity.

Price and Phases

As of now, the price of the Okie Monkey stands at 0.0007, with the next price increase expected to be 0.000775. The launch price is slated to be 0.00185, which indicates a potential 2.5x return from the current buying price.

The Okie Monkey follows a phased approach, with different phases offering varying levels of efficiency and unit costs. The upcoming phases include the silver phase (10 to 12) and the bronze phase (13 to 16). By buying at the gold stage, users can enjoy approximately 50% more efficiency and better unit costs compared to the upcoming phases.

NFT Staking and Rewards

One of the standout features of the Okie Monkey is its NFT staking system. By participating in the gold stage, users can earn a gold NFT with 750,000 chimps on the purchaser. This NFT can provide exclusive rewards and benefits within the Okie Monkey ecosystem. Additionally, users can earn up to 20% APY passively through the platform.

Saving the Planet

The Okie Monkey sets itself apart from other meme coins by focusing on sustainability and philanthropy. The platform is committed to helping save the planet and protect animals through various initiatives. Recently, they planted 20,000 trees in partnership with the organization One Tree Planted, showcasing their dedication to environmental regeneration and combating global warming.

Okie Monkey's Website and Social Media Presence

The Okie Monkey has a comprehensive website that provides detailed information about the project. It has raised over eight hundred thousand dollars already and is on track to reach the million-dollar milestone soon. The website also offers a white paper for those interested in diving deeper into the project. Additionally, the Okie Monkey has a significant presence on Twitter, with over 2,061 followers. They regularly post organic tweets about their charitable events, showcasing their commitment to making a positive impact in real-world cases.

Tokenomics and Roadmap

The Okie Monkey token, known as Chimps, has a total supply of 200 billion, with 40 billion currently available for sale. The project aims to create a deflationary mechanism by burning unsold tokens, which reduces the overall supply and potentially increases the token's value. This mechanism also helps create a higher floor price during bearish market instances.

The project's roadmap outlines the key milestones for the Okie Monkey. The current phase, phase seven, is well underway, with phase two already complete. The team plans to launch on decentralized exchanges and centralized exchanges soon, providing users with more opportunities to trade and engage with the Okie Monkey tokens.


The Okie Monkey presents a unique opportunity for users to earn, trade, and contribute to saving the planet. With its user-friendly platform, NFT staking system, and commitment to sustainability, this project is already making waves in the cryptocurrency community. However, it is crucial to conduct your own research before investing and to exercise caution when navigating through cryptocurrency projects. Stay safe and support this innovative venture that combines financial opportunities with a charitable cause.

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