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Title: Behind the Scenes of Commercial Making in the Office

In this week's episode of the vlog, the team behind the making of a book, including commercials for the audiobook and the book itself, introduces us to the behind-the-scenes action and fun-filled moments of their office. Throughout the vlog, the team members engage in a range of activities, varying from making jello to negotiating deals, making for an interesting and informative watch.

Here are some of the highlights from the vlog in a structured format:

  • Making Commercials: The team is in the process of making commercials for the audiobook and the book. They take us through the process of creating these commercials and share some of the fun moments behind the scenes.
  • Meet the Team: The vlog gives us the opportunity to meet some of the key players in the team, including Adam Hamway, the creator of the vlog, and Ryan, the writer behind the book.
  • Negotiating Deals: The team members negotiate several deals, including buying cheap champagne bottles and negotiating the price for an important task.
  • Making Jello: In one of the highlights of the vlog, the team makes jello in an "urban" way, setting up a perfect scene for a slow-motion video.
  • Random Conversations: In between all the action, the team members engage in a range of conversations, from discussing their favorite animals to talking about their sickness levels.

As we can see, the vlog provides an interesting and entertaining look into the making of commercials and the everyday lives of the team behind the book. Stay tuned for more behind-the-scenes action in the upcoming episodes!

Creating an Audiobook Commercial: Behind the Scenes with Ryan Serhant and Team

Ryan Serhant, a renowned real estate mogul, has embarked on a new project that goes beyond buying and selling properties. He has written a book, teaching people how to sell successfully, and has plans to turn it into an audiobook. But, producing an audiobook is not an easy task. It needs an equally compelling commercial that will hook people and convince them to buy the book. Ryan and his team have taken it upon themselves to create the greatest audiobook commercial ever made in the history of the world.

The Team

Ryan is not working alone on this project. He has assembled a team consisting of Oren, a talented filmmaker, and several actors. Turning his script into a reality needs effort from them all. They've all come together to create something incredible.

The Process

The team is filming the commercial in several scenes. The first one involves Ryan running in a suit while reading his book. The idea is to have Ryan jogging past an ear-budded man who is surprised to see Ryan in his formal attire. The team took a lot of care to make it look perfect, even creating a fake book cover with original blurbs from renowned personalities like Gary Vaynerchuk and Daniel Pink.

The second scene is a close-up on Ryan, jogging, and reading. The challenge is to film it while he is running, maintaining the focus on him and the book. The team uses special running shoes to capture Ryan's movement while he is jogging.

In the third scene, they need to capture a perfect shot of an ear-budded commuter enjoying Ryan's audiobook in a car. The team prepares the car and optimizes the camera angles to give the viewers a realistic experience of being in that car.

The team is also working on creating commercials for Ryan's book to promote it. Ryan's vision is to make them funny and insightful, something that will explain to people why they should read the book or listen to the audiobook. He wants to have control over the final content, which is why he is making them himself.

Closing Thoughts

Creating an audiobook is a creative process that involves everyone on the team. For Ryan, creating an audiobook involves not just retaining complete creative control but also creating the perfect commercial to sell it. The team is working hard to bring Ryan's vision to life, and the end result will be a masterpiece that will change people's lives.

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