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The Sacred Cow of "Get a Job"

The belief that getting a job is the only path to financial success has been a long-standing notion in modern society. It is often reinforced by both the education system and mainstream media. However, when it comes to financial freedom, there is more to the story than just getting a job.

The Problem with Getting a Job

The conventional wisdom is that the business owner makes more money than the worker. However, the reality is that the employee pays the most taxes. In fact, self-employed individuals like doctors and lawyers pay the highest taxes, not just on income but also Social Security and Medicare taxes.

The Cashflow Quadrant

The Cashflow Quadrant, developed by Robert Kiyosaki, illustrates four categories of income earners:

  • E - Employee
  • S - Self-employed/small business/specialist (e.g. doctor, lawyer)
  • B - Big business (500+ employees)
  • I - Investor

The E and S side of the quadrant represents those who go to school and often pay the highest taxes. The B and I side represents the business owners and investors who pay less in taxes and have their money work for them.

Myths Surrounding Getting a Job

The idea of getting a job and having job security for life is a common myth that is often perpetuated. However, the reality is different.

Competition for Jobs

Today, jobs are not secure, and workers are competing with not just local but also global competition from countries like India and Asia. Therefore, depending solely on getting a job is highly insecure.

Risk Associated with Jobs

Getting a job also poses a high risk as it is like having only one client. If that one client goes out of business or fires you, then you have no income. On the other hand, being an entrepreneur allows you to have hundreds and thousands of clients, making the risk substantially lower.

Financial Education

One of the most significant factors that affect the beliefs surrounding getting a job is the lack of financial education. The education system is designed to train students to get jobs but not necessarily to be financially literate.

Financial Freedom vs. Job Security

Financial education teaches us that financial security is more important than job security. Financial freedom comes from diversification of income streams and not relying entirely on one source of income, such as a job.


As an entrepreneur, you have complete control over your life and financial future. Losing a client or experiencing a dip in business does not mean the end of your income because you can always find ways to generate more.


In conclusion, the notion that getting a job is the best way to achieve financial success is outdated. While it may have worked in the past, times have changed, and the competition for jobs is intense. It is essential to break away from the myth of job security and explore other options, such as entrepreneurship, to achieve financial freedom and security.

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