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The Role of a Sales Manager at Sales Manago: Growing and Expanding in the Foreign Markets


In the ever-evolving music industry, it is crucial for companies to have clear goals and a vision to become market leaders. Sales Manago, a prominent player in the industry, is making strides toward achieving this position. In this article, we will explore the role of Fabio Santoro, one of the sales managers at Sales Manago, and how he contributes to the company's growth and expansion in foreign markets.

Meeting Fabio Santoro

As one of the sales managers at Sales Manago, Fabio Santoro plays a vital role in the organization's journey towards becoming a market leader. His primary focus is on growing and expanding their main markets, namely Italy and Spain.

When asked about the best thing about being part of Sales Manago, Fabio emphasizes the clear goal and vision the organization possesses. Being able to breathe in the motivation and determination in every department gives him a sense of belonging and purpose within the company.

Empowering the Team

Fabio's role at Sales Manago is to empower his team members and guide them to become the best versions of themselves. By providing them with the necessary tools and support, he contributes to the overall success of the organization.

Fabio expresses his immense pride and gratitude towards his team members for their engagement and commitment. The teamwork and dedication displayed by the employees have played a significant role in closing a fantastic month for Sales Manago.

Motivation in Uncertain Times

In a world characterized by uncertain political and economic landscapes, businesses across the globe face numerous challenges. However, for Fabio, the motivation to overcome these difficulties stems from the dedication he witnesses among his colleagues every day.

Fabio mentions that the uncertain times have affected online buyers' behaviors and intensified competition among sellers. Nevertheless, coming to the office and seeing how each individual strives to overcome these challenges motivates him to give his best effort.

Solving Crucial Problems

When Fabio looks at the problems Sales Manago solves for their customers, he feels confident that they are in the right business. The pandemic and global financial instability have led to significant shifts in online buyers' behaviors, creating a high level of competition among sellers.

Sales Manago, with its comprehensive solutions, provides customers with the tools necessary to overcome these challenges. This sense of purpose is what drives Fabio to work in the sales department of Sales Manago, as he believes they are truly making a difference by solving crucial problems in these difficult times.

Favorite Moments at Work

Reflecting on his favorite moments during his working day, Fabio highlights the times when the office is buzzing with activity. Whether it's seeing his colleagues making phone calls, brainstorming sessions, or role-playing for customer meetings, these moments bring a sense of excitement and energy to his workday.


Fabio Santoro, as a sales manager at Sales Manago, plays a crucial role in the company's growth and expansion in foreign markets. He believes in the clear goals and vision of Sales Manago and finds motivation in overcoming challenges and solving crucial problems for their customers. With a dedicated team and a commitment to excellence, Sales Manago is on its way to becoming a market leader in the music industry.

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