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The Power of the Do You Understand Prepping Method for Writing Highly Effective Articles

In this video, we will explore the power of the "Do You Understand Prepping Method" in creating compelling articles. We will be using Chat GPT4 and plugins to create unique content that engages readers. By implementing this method, you can create impactful articles with tables, graphs, pie charts, and more.

The Method

To begin with, we need to set the framework for this method. As an SEO writer, you will start writing the article when prompted. Use your burstiness and creativity to create captivating content. Remember to incorporate the use of internal links using anchor text and ahref links. Additionally, make use of lists and tables to ensure that the text is more readable and structured.

Choosing a Topic: 70s Fashion for Men

Let's dive right into an example to illustrate the effectiveness of this method. For this article, we will be focusing on 70s fashion for men. Begin by researching this topic using Google Ads AdWords or any other suitable method. Identify relevant keywords to ensure your article aligns with popular search queries.

Including Internal Links

Next, select the most important brands related to 70s fashion for men. These brands will play a crucial role in your article. Remember to internally link back to these brands by adding "/collections/brand-name" before each brand name. For instance, if the brand is "Kittens," the internal link would be "/collections/kittens".

Creating an Outline

Now, it's time to create the outline for the article. Request a comprehensive outline from Chat GPT4, which will provide you with a structured skeleton of the content. Incorporate the internal links as mentioned earlier, and use tables and lists when necessary.

Writing the Article

With the outline in hand, start writing the first two sections of the blog post, following the provided structure. Ensure you include the necessary internal links and incorporate tables or lists wherever appropriate.

Continue writing the next two sections, maintaining consistency in style, internal links, and the use of tables or lists.

Complete the article by writing the remaining sections based on the outline. Pay attention to detail and ensure that each internal link is only used once. This step is crucial for search engine optimization and ensures a smooth reader experience.

Integrating Visualization Plugins

At this stage, you have a well-structured article ready for the final touch. To enhance the visual appeal and engagement of your article, it's time to integrate visualization plugins. Specifically, use the Graph Constructor, Mermaid, and a Diagram plugin. These tools help visualize data, such as graphs, pie charts, and mind maps, and make your content more digestible and interactive.

Request Chat GPT4 to incorporate the visualizations into the article by rewriting it in Markdown format. Make sure the visualizations align with the content and enhance the understanding of the readers.

Finalizing the Article

Almost there! Copy the completed article, which now includes visualizations, and convert it to Markdown format using an appropriate tool. Remove any unnecessary elements, such as unreferenced items, from the article.

Take a moment to review the final product and make any necessary edits or adjustments. Ensure that all internal links are functioning correctly and that the visualizations are integrated seamlessly.

Publishing and Optimizing

Now that the article is complete, it's time to publish it. If you are using Shopify, consider embedding the article using raw HTML. This preserves the formatting and allows for a visually engaging reading experience.

Additionally, you can embed your relevant collections within the article. For instance, embed the "Kit on" collection under the "Kit on" brand.

Finally, take note of the word count to evaluate the article's length. A word count of 869 is commendable for a well-structured and informative article that is likely to rank well in search engine results.


The "Do You Understand Prepping Method" combined with Chat GPT4 and visualization plugins is a powerful approach to creating highly effective articles. By following this method, you can generate articles filled with engaging content, including informative text, internal links, visualizations, and relevant collections.

By continuing to apply this method, you can create content that engages readers, ranks well on search engine results, and provides a top-notch reading experience. Experiment with different topics and plugins to further optimize your articles.

Thank you for watching, and we hope you find success using the "Do You Understand Prepping Method" in your content creation journey. Stay tuned for more content in the future. Peace out!

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