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The Power of Sales Manago Customer Data Platform in Marketing

When it comes to modern marketing, there is simply no denying that technology is a key driving force. One specific technology that has revolutionized marketing in recent years is the sales manago customer data platform. This platform is packed with features that make it simple to manage customer data and conduct targeted and personalized campaigns across different channels.

Here are the top 10 cool capabilities of sales manago:

  1. Building 360-Degree Customer Profiles

Sales manago helps marketers to better manage customer data by building 360-degree customer profiles. This platform integrates all customer data collected in different touchpoints such as website and mobile app behavior, transactions, loyalty program activities, or CRM. This data is easily accessible for marketers to conduct well-targeted and personalized campaigns in all integrated channels of communication.

  1. Real-Time Tracking of Website and Mobile App Visits

All website and mobile app visits are tracked in real-time with sales manago. Marketers can identify visitors and track exactly what they do on the website to know which products interest them. Thanks to the deep behavioral profiling module, marketers can monitor any interaction with a product on the product page such as displaying and zooming images, changing the amount of products, adding it to the cart, or reading customer reviews.

  1. Personalized Product Recommendations

Sales manago enables businesses to easily personalize promotional banners displayed on the main site and simply implement product recommendation frames on the product page to show similar products from the same category. The platform also enables businesses to surprise their visitors with recommendations of products bought by other customers with similar preferences using dynamic product recommendation engines.

  1. Interactive Sales Process

Sales manago tracks customer activity in real-time so that businesses can immediately respond to customers' behavior. For instance, by displaying a chat conversation, offering assistance in choosing a product while comparing offers. If a customer is leaving the page, businesses can show an exit pop-up campaign with a discount for the product they were most interested in.

  1. Automatic Segmentation Based on User Behavior

Automatic segmentation based on user behavior makes it easier for businesses to send relevant offers to contacts who recently were interested in specific product categories and who haven't yet bought the product. Thanks to RFM automation, businesses can automatically segment their customers based on the recency of their last purchase, frequency of past transactions, and the money the customer spent in their store.

  1. Best Time and Day to Deliver Messages

The most effective campaigns are those sent with the right content to the right user in the right time and channel. Such campaigns can generate a conversion rate even five times higher than standard ones. Sales manago identifies the best hour and day to deliver the message so that it won't get lost in the depths of the customer's inbox between 15 other emails he won't even read. Businesses can easily adjust the time delivery to each individual customer in mass campaigns with one click.

  1. Automation Based on Individual Behavior

Automation is all about taking immediate actions based on user behavior. Customers who browse the store or buy products can trigger complex workflows in which businesses program what messages to send and when according to their individual behavior.

  1. Dynamic One-to-One Product Recommendations

Almost 70 percent of e-commerce cards are abandoned and 95 of visits in the store do not end in any conversion. Using dynamic one-to-one product recommendations is a total game changer for many e-commerce marketers. When a potential buyer leaves the site without making the transaction, businesses can send them an email containing products they browsed or left in the cart with propositions of similar products. Businesses can build workflows that use omnichannel remarketing to get the customers back on the website.

  1. AI and Machine Learning Recommendation Engine

Sales manago copernicus is an AI and machine learning recommendation engine that analyzes the website traffic and transactions of all your customers to identify buying habits in your store. Businesses can recommend items that other users bought together with the product the customer has added to their cart. AI prediction module indicates which customers are likely to buy soon and for which customers you should take actions to prevent from churning.

  1. Unique Cross-Channel Revenue Attribution

Sales manago provides businesses with data on the revenue generated from each campaign. Thanks to unique cross-channel revenue attribution, businesses can track which visit sources participated in every stage of the buying process.

With sales manago, businesses can conduct marketing activities with ease. Rather than relying on guesswork and generalized marketing campaigns, this platform provides businesses with the tools required to craft targeted campaigns and deliver personalized experiences to their customers. Contact us today to start your trial.

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