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The Perpetual Marketing Machine: Building Your Sphere of Influence

In the world of digital marketing, finding qualified leads at an affordable cost can be a challenge. However, digital marketing expert Zach Speckler has discovered a simple twist on the traditional marketing funnel that allows him to obtain high-quality leads at a fraction of the price. He calls it the "Perpetual Marketing Machine," and in this article, we will explore what it is and how you can build your own to achieve similar results.

What is the Perpetual Marketing Machine?

The Perpetual Marketing Machine is a new approach to the sales funnel that goes beyond the typical top-to-bottom structure. Instead of focusing solely on converting cold leads into customers, this concept aims to engage and nurture all prospects, even those who don't make it to the final purchase stage. It views each individual as a valuable asset, rather than a lost opportunity or a cost of doing business.

Zack Spuckler, the founder of Heart Soul Hustle, introduced this innovative funnel during a recent promotion. He tested the same offer on both cold leads and his warm audience, which he developed using the Perpetual Marketing Machine. The results were dramatic and will be discussed later in this article.

Understanding the Sphere of Influence

At the core of the Perpetual Marketing Machine is the concept of the "Sphere of Influence." This sphere represents your warm audience, constantly growing and engaging with your brand. It consists of four key components: email list, core content, advertising, and social media.

Email List

The email list serves as the linchpin of the sphere. By growing your email list, you can amplify every other component and make your marketing efforts more effective. You can directly engage your subscribers through email, promoting new blog posts, podcasts, or social media content. Moreover, having a larger email list allows you to run more cost-efficient ads by targeting your existing subscribers.

Core Content

Core content comprises various forms such as blog posts, podcasts, and YouTube videos. This content serves multiple purposes within the sphere. Firstly, it can attract new prospects through search engines, increasing your reach over time. Secondly, it acts as pre-sale content, building awareness and positioning you as an expert, making it more likely for prospects to buy your service.


Advertising is a crucial element of the sphere as it helps to fuel momentum. By investing in Facebook and Instagram ads, you can grow your email list, reach new audiences, and redirect them to your core content and social media platforms. Spending around $10 a day on opt-in offers or content amplification can yield significant results.

Social Media

Social media plays a dual role in the sphere of influence. It allows you to expand your following, gain social proof, and reach new prospects. Simultaneously, engaging with your social media content enables you to retarget those audiences and redirect them to your email list, core content, or other social media platforms. Platforms like Instagram Reels and Facebook Reels are particularly effective for reaching new audiences.

When all these elements work together, they create a dynamic and ever-expanding sphere. Each piece amplifies the others, resulting in a wider warm audience of prospects.

Leveraging the Sphere of Influence

The Perpetual Marketing Machine enables you to build multiple audiences that can be retargeted for future campaigns. From an advertising perspective, these audiences include your email list, website traffic, Facebook and Instagram engagement, and video engagement. Building these audiences provides opportunities to retarget and engage with prospects on multiple channels.

In addition to the ad audiences, your email list serves as a potential retargeting source. By consistently growing your email list and engaging with your subscribers, you develop a highly retargetable audience at the center of your sphere.

How to Expand Your Sphere of Influence

In today's digital marketing landscape, it's crucial to reach and engage multiple audiences to maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. From an advertising perspective, there are five core audiences that you can retarget:

  1. Email List: Building your email list allows you to stay connected with potential customers and nurture relationships through regular communication. It's an invaluable asset for running targeted email marketing campaigns.
  2. Website Traffic: By retargeting visitors who have already shown interest in your website, you can deliver personalized ads and increase the chances of conversions.
  3. Facebook Engagement: Engaging with your audience on Facebook is essential to building brand loyalty and driving traffic to your website. Retargeting this audience ensures that your ads are seen by those who have already interacted with your content.
  4. Instagram Engagement: With the rise of visual content, Instagram engagement has become a valuable metric for retargeting. By targeting those who have engaged with your Instagram content, you can deliver relevant ads and boost conversions.
  5. Video Engagement: If you create video content, retargeting those who have engaged with your videos is a powerful way to deliver highly relevant ads and increase conversions.

However, it's not just about advertising. From a non-advertising perspective, growing your email list and social media following organically is equally important. This allows you to put valuable content in front of your audience without relying solely on ads.

Here are some strategies to expand your sphere of influence and increase your reach:

  1. Grow Your Email List with Facebook Lead Ads: Offer a lead magnet or freebie in exchange for visitors' email addresses. Running targeted lead ads can help you capture potential customers and nurture relationships through email marketing campaigns.

  2. Run Engagement Ads: Allocate a small daily budget to run engagement ads, which keep you top of mind with your sphere of influence. By promoting your best-performing Instagram or Facebook posts, you can engage with and encourage followers to stay connected with your brand.

  3. Leverage Reels and Short-Form Vertical Videos: Posting reels on Instagram can significantly boost your reach and engagement. Repurpose these short-form vertical videos across various platforms, such as Facebook, TikTok, YouTube shorts, and Pinterest, to expand your sphere of influence.

  4. Create Quality Content: Consistently providing valuable content tailored to your audience's needs is key. Whether it's blog posts, YouTube videos, or podcasts, make sure they are discoverable through SEO and available on your website.

  5. Regular Communication with Your Email List: Building relationships and keeping your audience engaged is vital for long-term success. By emailing your list weekly and delivering value in each email, you can nurture your audience and establish trust. This helps you promote your offerings effectively when the time comes.

By implementing these strategies, you can expand your sphere of influence and drive better results in your marketing efforts. Remember, nurturing your audience and building strong relationships is the foundation for success in the digital world. So, focus on delivering value and engaging with your audience consistently.

To learn more about email marketing and creating compelling lead magnets, watch this video for step-by-step instructions. Get ready to achieve big-time results by growing your sphere of influence and connecting with your future customers. See you there!The perpetual marketing machine and the sphere of influence offer a new perspective on sales funnels, emphasizing engagement, nurturing, and long-term relationships with prospects. by implementing this approach, you can expand your warm audience, reduce marketing costs, and increase conversions. it's time to rethink the traditional sales funnel and embrace the power of the perpetual marketing machine to achieve sustainable success in your digital marketing efforts.

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