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The Most Popular One-Click AI Console Writers: A Comprehensive Review


Welcome to Words at Scale! In this article, we will provide you with exclusive data on the most popular one-click AI console writers that you won't find anywhere on YouTube. By the end of this article, you will have access to valuable information across six different indicators, such as readability score, word scout plagiarism, and more. We will also share three niches and nine easy-to-rank keywords for your convenience. Most importantly, you'll get access to 56 AI outputs for free. These outputs can be used as-is or spun for your specific needs. But before we dive into the data, let's first answer the question: What are AI writers?

What are AI Writers?

AI writers, also known as writing assistants, utilize GPT-3 (at least for now), which is an auto-regressive language model capable of producing various forms of text, including emails, blog posts, sales copy, video scripts, and more. Some of the most popular AI writers on the market today include Jasper AI, CopyAI, Article Forge, and Writer. However, there are certain problems that AI writers face.

Challenges with AI Writers

  1. Uniqueness: One of the main challenges with AI writers is ensuring uniqueness in the generated content. Plagiarism is still a common issue, with high levels of repetitive text output from some AI tools.
  2. Field Effect: AI outputs may appear perfect on the surface but can contain incorrect or inaccurate information upon closer inspection. The need for careful verification is essential.

One-Click AI Writers: The Solution?

Within the AI writing landscape, there is a sub-niche called "one-click AI writers" or "one-click AI generators." These tools allow for full long-form content production with just a click or two. Popular examples of one-click AI writers include Article Forge, Wordplay AI, Jasper AI, and Auto Blogging. However, even these tools have their own set of challenges.

Problems with One-Click AI Writers

  1. Limited Guidance and Editing: One of the main issues with one-click AI writers is the limited ability to guide or edit the AI-generated content before or after producing the output.
  2. Uneven Performance: Different AI writers perform differently in various niches. This happens because each AI writer is trained on different subsets of data, resulting in variable performance across different niches.

Measuring AI Performance: An Objective Approach

To address these challenges, it's crucial to have an objective way to measure AI performance. The author of this article took the initiative to set specific criteria to assess the performance of AI writers. These criteria include word count, SEO score, readability, plagiarism, relevance, and an overall score based on an average of each output.

The Experiment: AI Writers Analyzed

The author analyzed several AI writers using the criteria mentioned above. The AI writers included:

  1. Jasper AI: This platform offers a paragraph generator and a one-click generation module.
  2. Article Forge
  3. Auto Blogging
  4. Wordplay AI
  5. Texta AI
  6. Write Cream

The Results: A Comprehensive Dashboard

Here is a summary of the experiment's findings, presented in an interactive and comprehensive dashboard. The dashboard showcases the performance of each AI writer, measured against the established criteria. It also provides access to the raw text outputs generated by each AI writer, totaling 56 outputs.

Dashboard Features:

  1. Relevance Scores: The author manually ranked the outputs from 1 to 10 based on their relevance to the main query. Wordplay and Jasper's paragraph generator tied for the highest relevance scores, while Jasper's one-click module ranked lower.
  2. Plagiarism Scores: Surprisingly, Jasper's one-click module and Auto Blogging showed the highest plagiarism scores. Article Forge, Wordplay, and Jasper's paragraph generator had low plagiarism scores.
  3. Word Count Analysis: Different AI writers produced varying word counts. Auto Blogging generated an average of 1700 words, Wordplay produced nearly 1600 words, Article Forge and Jasper's paragraph generator averaged around 1200 words. Jasper's one-click module, Write Cream, and Texta AI had lower word counts.
  4. SEO Scores: The platform Server SEO was used to measure the SEO score of the raw outputs. Notably, Article Forge, Auto Blogging, and Wordplay AI showed the most optimized content, while Jasper's one-click module scored the lowest.

Overall Score: And the Winner is...

The overall score for the AI writers was calculated based on the established criteria. After analyzing the data, Wordplay emerged as the winner with a score of 3.7. Auto Blogging placed a close second, and Jasper's paragraph generator secured third place. Unfortunately, Jasper's one-click module, Texta AI, and Write Cream were disqualified.

Niche Performance: A Closer Look

The experiment also assessed the performance of AI writers in three different niches: business (affiliate and influencer marketing), personal finance (side hustles), and relationships (marriage). The findings were as follows:

For the Affiliate Niche:

  1. Article Forge ranked first
  2. Jasper ranked second
  3. Auto Blogging ranked third

For the Personal Finance Niche:

  1. Wordplay AI ranked first
  2. Auto Blogging ranked second
  3. Jasper ranked third

For the Relationships Niche:

  1. Auto Blogging ranked first
  2. Wordplay AI ranked second
  3. Jasper ranked third

These results indicate that different AI writers are better suited for specific niches, allowing users to select the most appropriate option based on their requirements.

Next Steps: Get Access to the Dashboard

To explore the detailed findings and access the 56 AI outputs, sign up and gain access to the comprehensive dashboard using the link provided below this video. By doing so, you can further examine the data and run your own experiments based on the author's methodology. Moreover, your feedback, likes, shares, and subscriptions will determine whether this experiment continues in future videos.


Thank you for joining us in this comprehensive review of the most popular one-click AI console writers. We have explored the challenges faced by AI writers and how one-click AI writers attempt to address them. The measurements and rankings provided in the dashboard allow users to make informed decisions based on their niche requirements. We encourage you to sign up for access to the dashboard and continue to support us to help fuel future experiments and analyses. Stay tuned for more informative content in our upcoming videos!

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