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The Million Dollar Listing New York Season Finale Party: A Glimpse into Brian Sirhan's Epic Halloween Bash

It's that time of the year again: the millionaire dollar listing New York season finale party. And this year, it just happens to land on Halloween. Every year, Brian Sirhan's parties tend to get bigger, better, and more extravagant than the last, and cost way more money. For this year's bash, Brian says, "we gotta go bigger than last year, like I want this to be the biggest party we've ever done, okay?"

Choosing the Venue and Theme

Brian and his team start brainstorming about the venue and the theme for the party. They come up with wild ideas, including:

  • Filling JFK airport with people and planes and then taking everyone to Dubai and leaving them there
  • Hosting a crazy party at the gym early morning
  • Using The Barry Hotel as the venue, since it's perfect for the kind of party Brian has envisioned.

In keeping with the Halloween theme, Brian wants everything to look spooky. He decides to use pumpkins, candles, cobwebs, and gold skulls. With the help of his team, Brian sets up a 'crazy wall' of gold skulls with a guy dressed up as a gold skull, where people can take photos.

Entertainment and Food

To ensure that the party-goers are entertained, Brian organizes two super-tall stilt walkers along with tons of food and drinks. He emphasizes the importance of dressing up and suggests a step-and-repeat that's not normal, except for chairs, mirrors, and crazy stuff sticking out.

Putting it All Together

With the details in place, Brian's team sets up everything for the party. They put up pumpkins, cobwebs, candles, the crazy wall, and the step and repeat. As guests start to arrive, Brian's team makes sure to create an immersive experience for the attendees.

The Party

The party is a resounding success, even though the weather isn't perfect. Brian sees it as having beaten the odds once again, since, despite people telling him that the show wouldn't be successful and nobody would read his book, they indeed have.

The party ends up being the biggest one they ever did. The Millionaire Listing New York season finale party has come a long way since 2010 when they started doing it. Brian thanks everybody in attendance and uses the opportunity to launch his new book. He also takes a moment to appreciate his team who, despite a difficult real estate market, keep working hard every day.


All in all, the Million Dollar Listing New York Season Finale Party with its Halloween theme was a smashing success, with close to a thousand attendees and costing Brian $200,000. In hosting such an epic event, however, Brian also emphasizes the importance of not spending too much money. Nonetheless, the experience was worth every penny, and the party was a great way to celebrate the success of the show and Brian's career.

Whether you follow Brian on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or buy his course, merch, or blog, you are sure to witness the energy and excitement that he brings, with hopes of a bigger and better season finale party next year.

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