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The Experiments That I've Been Working on or Have Worked on in the Past

Welcome to this video where I'm going to be showing you some of the experiments that I've been working on or have worked on in the past. I believe in transparency, as I know many people are curious about updates and progress. So, let's dive into the first project I want to talk about.

Project 1: Tiny Home Hub

The Tiny Home Hub is a project that I have dedicated a significant amount of time to. I even created an entire course on how to create a website and get it ranking for this project. If you're interested, you can find the course on my channel, where it is the main video.

To build this website, I used a combination of tools. For blog post writing, I utilized Article Fiesta. This tool has proven to be incredibly helpful in generating content for the blog section. It has a user-friendly interface and allows for hands-off blog SEO. Additionally, for the main pages of the website, such as the "Tiny Home Legal" page, I used ChatGPT to create engaging and informative content.

Currently, the Tiny Home Hub website has shown promising growth. It has seen a significant increase in impressions, particularly from users actively searching for content related to tiny homes. However, what I find even more fascinating is that some pages on the website are ranking purely due to the AI-generated articles from Article Fiesta. For example, the page on transforming a barn into a living space (known as Dominion) is ranking well despite my initial lack of knowledge about it.

AI Content Curve

This growth curve demonstrates the potential of utilizing AI-generated content and the lack of a domain rating does not hinder the website's success. As a fresh domain, it started with minimal impressions, but it has progressively increased. I remain dedicated to this project and continue to release new blog posts every few days.

Keyword Research and Article Creation

For keyword research, I rely on Google Ads Keyword Planner, a tool that provides valuable insights into search volumes and keyword trends. I ensure that I search for broad terms in the niche, such as "tiny home" and "tiny house," to get an overview of the potential search traffic.

A useful feature of Google Ads Keyword Planner is its ability to generate semantic suggestions for related keywords. By exploring these suggestions, I get a better understanding of the niche's relevance and user intent. Furthermore, I can remove specific brands or retailers from the keyword list if necessary.

To create a list of unique blog post ideas, I take these keywords and input them into ChatGPT, where I request 50 unique blog post ideas based on the provided keywords. Additionally, I can directly input the keywords into Article Fiesta, after removing duplicates, to streamline the article creation process.

Project 2: WordPress Speed Optimization

Beyond my Tiny Home Hub project, I want to highlight another project that showcases the effectiveness of my methodology. One of my friends has created a website following my logic, focusing on WordPress speed optimization. They have utilized the base WordPress theme without investing in any premium themes.

The results have been exceptional, with the website achieving excellent speed performance. Google's acceptance and recognition of this site's optimized speed reinforce the claim that scaling this website to generate substantial organic traffic is a feasible goal.

The Power of Scalable Projects Implemented with Chat EPT


In the realm of website building and domain authority, there is much to be said about the value of well-executed projects. While it is easy to focus solely on personal projects, it is equally important to recognize and analyze projects built on shared logic and collaboration. In this article, we will delve into the impressive results achieved by one such project created by a friend of mine. Not only does this project showcase the power and scalability of implementing chat EPT 3.5 using my methods, but it also sheds light on the potential for exponential growth and success within the online landscape.

The Background

The website in question was launched on the 9th of March, making it a relatively fresh domain at just five months old. What makes this project stand out is that it operates in a niche outside of finance, which has proven to be the most successful among the four projects analyzed. It is worth noting that the content on this website was generated using chat GPT 3.5, employing the same techniques I have advocated for.

Impressive Results and Scalability

Despite its youth, this website has shown remarkable growth and progress. With around 20 blog posts and a mere 34 pages, it has managed to achieve 33 indexed pages, which is a highly commendable feat. What is even more astonishing is the level of traction it has garnered - nearly 10 clicks per day on average, resulting in significant traffic for such a modestly-sized website. These numbers indicate not only the effectiveness of the chat EPT 3.5 approach but also the scalability potential of this project.

To illustrate the scalability concept further, let's imagine what could be accomplished with 48 or even 72 blog posts. The possibilities for expansion are endless, making this project an excellent example of what can be achieved with the right strategies in place.

The Indicators of Growth

One telltale sign of growth in this project is the number of impressions and the most recent date recorded. By focusing on impressions rather than clicks, we can gauge the progress more effectively. As long as the impressions remain steady or experience a slight increase, it is an indicator that the website is experiencing growth. At 200 impressions, the website is poised to continue its upward trajectory, solidifying its position in the market.

The Other Projects

In addition to this intriguing website, there are three other projects under the purview of the same digital marketing agency. However, these projects have varied levels of success. One is struggling due to its positioning within the fiercely competitive finance niche, although it still manages to accumulate a respectable number of impressions and clicks. Another project fell victim to hacking, which resulted in a significant number of unrecognized pages - a testament to the importance of cybersecurity in website management. The final project focuses on marketing grants and has been moderately successful, with impressive keyword rankings for 3.5 written content.

The Way Forward

Reflecting on these projects, it is clear that venturing into non-"your money or your life" niches yields better outcomes. These niches tend to be less saturated and offer more room for growth and success. Accordingly, it is essential to consider these factors when setting up lead generation or AdSense websites.

Personal Endeavors and Future Prospects

Dispelling any notion that I work solely on two projects, I want to emphasize that I am involved in numerous projects. I have Jewcass, for instance, which, despite facing challenges, remains a work in progress. Undeterred, I continue to strive for success and learn from both my wins and losses. Furthermore, I have high hopes for Tiny Home Hub and remain engaged in advising and empowering others in their SEO endeavors.

These projects exemplify the success and potential of utilizing ai-powered tools like article fiesta and chatgpt in various aspects of website development and content creation. with the right strategies in place, such as effective keyword research and leveraging the strengths of different tools, it is possible to achieve growth and visibility for websites.

stay tuned for further updates on the tiny home hub and more projects that i've been involved in, following the same seo principles.

In conclusion, the showcased project highlights the substantial growth potential and scalability of implementing chat EPT 3.5. By analyzing various projects and their outcomes, it becomes clear that selecting the right niche, focusing on impressions, and consistently producing quality content are key elements of success. Whether embarking on personal or collaborative projects, it is crucial to adapt and learn from each experience, forging paths toward greater online achievement. Thank you for accompanying me on this journey, and I look forward to sharing more valuable insights in the future.

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