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The Best Plugins for ChatDBT

ChatDBT is a powerful tool for language learning, artificial intelligence, and data science, and the recent release of plugins to ChatDBT Plus users has made the platform even more robust. In this article, we'll explore some of the best plugins available on the plugin store, and show you how to enable and use them to unlock the full potential of ChatDBT.

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Enabling Plugins

Before we can start using plugins, we need to enable them by turning on web browsing and plugins under Beta Features. To do this, go to the lower left corner and click on the three dots, then click on Settings. If you're a ChatDBT Plus user, you should have Beta Features available, so click on that and turn on web browsing and plugins. Once enabled, close this window and click on GPT4. To work with browsing or plugins, we must use GPT4, and then click on Plugins.

The Best Plugins

  1. Video Insight: Our first plugin is Video Insight, and it's probably our favorite. This plugin helps us interact with online video platforms like YouTube or Dailymotion. With Video Insight, you can analyze videos and get insights from them quickly. Once enabled, you'll see the Video Insight icon. To use it, type "summarize this YouTube video" followed by the video's link. Video Insight works best with videos under 10 minutes, and the summary it creates is often very accurate.

  2. Link Reader: Link Reader reads the content of all kinds of links, including websites, articles, PDFs, images, and documents. To use it, type "summarize this article like I'm five years old," followed by the link. Link Reader works well, but if the article is behind a paywall, it won't work.

  3. Ask Your PDF: If Link Reader doesn't work, you can try Ask Your PDF. This plugin gives you the option to upload your PDF file to their servers, and they'll summarize it for you. To use it, type "summarize this PDF," and if the link doesn't work, ask to manually upload the document.

  4. Speak: For language learners, Speak is a great plugin. It helps you learn how to say anything in another language by providing examples and pronunciation. To use Speak, type "how do you say [word or phrase] in [language]?" followed by the language you want to learn.

These are just a few of the best plugins available on the plugin store. By enabling and using these plugins, you can unlock even more power and functionality in ChatDBT.

4 Must-Have Plugins for Chatbots

If you're using Chatbots, you know how important it is to constantly evaluate and upgrade your toolkit. In this article, we're going to highlight 4 must-have plugins for your Chatbots.


The Speak plugin is a powerful tool to have in your chatbot arsenal. Whether you are learning a foreign language or communicating with someone who speaks a different language, Speak provides context and examples to help you translate phrases effectively. The plugin offers multiple translations and alternatives, providing a language tutor experience that goes beyond the basic translations offered by Google Translate.

There is an AI for that

This plugin is perfect for those who like to experiment with different AI tools. With an extensive database of AI tools for any use case, you can find the right AI tool for your needs with ease. All you need to do is specify the type of AI tool you are looking for, and you will receive a detailed list of AI tools to match that specific criteria.


Wolfram is a plugin that is primarily used for Maths. However, it utilizes AI technology and algorithms to provide users with export-level answers. In addition to solving math operations, Wolfram can also help with day-to-day problem-solving. For instance, you can use the plugin to calculate weight loss regimens by inputting your current weight, the weight you want to achieve, and the calories you consume daily. The plugin also offers chart plotting, a feature that is not available in Chat DBT by default.

Prompt Perfect

The final plugin on our list is Prompt Perfect. It is a powerful tool to optimize your prompts and get the best results for your Chatbots. With the plugin, you can improve the quality of your prompts by automating the optimization process. The plugin will evaluate your prompt and offer suggestions to improve it.

In conclusion, the above-listed plugins are essential to have in your Chatbot toolkit. However, if you have another Chat DBT plugin that we didn't mention, feel free to let us know in the comments section. Take the first step and download these plugins today to optimize your Chatbots.

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