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The Art of the Deal: Power of Negotiation and Honesty

In the late 80s, Donald Trump wrote a book called "The Art of the Deal". As of today, it remains the biggest-selling business book ever written. Despite the evolving times and changing business environment, the principles that he shared in the book remain relevant.

At its core, "The Art of the Deal" talks about the power of negotiation and how honesty is the key to successful negotiations. Whether you are dealing with intelligent people or trying to make the right decisions based on an idea, honesty remains a critical factor.

The Importance of Honesty in Negotiation

According to Trump, honesty is essential because the people you deal with are intelligent, and they will see through false information. Being straightforward and honest will help build trust and establish long-term relationships. He acknowledges that you are going to meet many people throughout your life, and if they respect you and do what you want them to do, showing great sincerity and honesty is vital.

The Never-Quit Attitude

The book also emphasizes the importance of never quitting or giving up on your idea. Trump believes that negotiation is about persistence, and you have to keep pushing until you achieve your goal. This principle is still relevant in today's world if you wish to succeed.

The Value of Financial Education

Trump acknowledges the inherent value of financial education, as he believes it is an essential tool for an individual's success. He asserts that money doesn't always solve problems. Instead, imparting financial knowledge through books and other mediums can lead to better decision-making and a more comfortable life.

The Power of Faith and Flexibility

Success isn't always immediate, and often, it can be a long and grueling process. However, Trump remains optimistic that success is achievable through faith and flexibility. He draws inspiration from the story of the Jewish people and their ability to survive for over 4000 years. They remained flexible and adjusted to the challenges that came their way. Trump emphasizes having a spirit that can move forward, no matter how challenging the times may be.


In conclusion, "The Art of the Deal" remains a powerful book that has impacted many individuals, businesses, and industries worldwide. Regardless of the changes in the world economy or circumstances, the principles of negotiation, honesty, and persistence remain vital to achieve success. Education, honesty, and a positive mindset are critical to personal and professional success.

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