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The 60-Hour Journey of Becoming a React/Blockchain Front-End Developer

In this article, we will explore the journey of one individual who embarked on a mission to become a React/Blockchain front-end developer. The author will share their experiences and insights along the way, as well as highlight some of the key tools and resources they used to achieve their goals.


The author begins by noting that they see immense potential in the field of blockchain development, and that it presents a significant opportunity for individuals to make a substantial income. They emphasize that this opportunity is not as challenging as it appears, and can be learned with the right tools and resources.

Emphasizing the Importance of Existing Tools

The author draws attention to the fact that programming is similar to constructing a house. They emphasize the importance of tools in building a house, like cement mixers, hammers, and electric screwdrivers. Similarly, in programming, all the tools already exist, and we only need to learn how to use them.

Learning with YouTube Videos

The author recommends viewing YouTube videos such as a tutorial video by Italian Dev, which can be followed from start to finish. They highlight how this can take around 12 hours but pay off in the long run, as people will pay for what the author demonstrates.

Progress So Far

The author showcases their progress thus far, with a screenshot of an app responding to sign-in and signing out. They intend to create personalized dashboards to track everything, including price graphs. The author notes that this is only the beginning, and they are committed to continuing their journey.

What is Moralis?

The author introduces the backend, known as Moralis, highlighting its back-end processing features. Moralis allows developers to store user data by the wallet address, thereby keeping all user information completely anonymous.

Exploring Progressive Web Apps and SEO

In their continued pursuit of knowledge, the author is curious about Progressive Web Apps (PWA), meeting the installability requirement, and the possible bonus SEO points that converting to PWA could bring.


The author acknowledges that the journey has been long, requiring nearly 60-hours. By noting that it took them this amount of time to fully grasp everything, they highlight the challenges that developers often face on their journey. They encourage aspiring developers to join the web3 development movement, as it presents tremendous potential.


The article concludes by thanking the viewers for taking the time to read about their journey into React/Blockchain front-end development and hopes to inspire others to pursue this emerging field of programming.

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