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Slots Adventure at Cosmo Casino: Hitting the Miss Kitty and Double Jackpot Slots

As one of the popular casinos in Las Vegas, Cosmo Casino boasts a wide array of slot machines that cater to different preferences. From vintage to modern slots, there is always something exciting to play, including the Miss Kitty and Double Jackpot slots.

The Miss Kitty Wild Ride Slot

When it comes to adorable slots, the Miss Kitty Wild Ride slot is a go-to machine for many players. This game features cats as the main characters, including Miss Kitty, who acts as the wild symbol. But, don't let their cuteness fool you; these kitties can also bring big wins.

During gameplay, multipliers can multiply the initial bet, increasing the potential payout. To trigger the bonus round, players need to hit three, four, or five moon scatter symbols. In the bonus round, players can get ten free spins with multipliers, which can lead to massive payouts.

However, hitting the bonus round is not always easy. It took the author several attempts before finally landing the bonus round on the Miss Kitty Wild Ride slot at Cosmo.

The Double Jackpot Slot

Another popular slot machine at Cosmo is the Double Jackpot slot. This old-school slot features classic symbols such as cherries, 7's, and BARs. But, don't let its vintage appearance deceive you. The Double Jackpot slot features a progressive jackpot that can reach thousands of dollars.

Although this slot machine can be enjoyable to play, hitting the jackpot is quite rare. The author shared that they have yet to score a handpay on the Double Jackpot slot.

Extra Fun at Cosmo

Aside from the exciting gameplay, the author met some exciting characters during their time at Cosmo. In particular, they ran into two furry friends, Ruby and Chloe, owned by a lovely lady. Ruby and Chloe, both dressed in beautiful outfits, displayed shyness towards the author's camera, but that didn't stop them from stealing the author's heart.


The author's adventure at Cosmo casino was a mix of excitement and fun. They tried their luck on different slot machines, including the Miss Kitty Wild Ride and Double Jackpot slots, and met some adorable furry friends along the way. Overall, this article is a fun read for slot enthusiasts out there who want to learn more about Cosmo casino's slot offerings.

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