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Revolutionize Your Email Creation with Email Design Studio

Creating, designing, and sending emails are daily tasks of any marketing team, but coding email templates from scratch can be a tedious job. Email marketers often spend countless hours designing email templates, which could have been better spent on improving their content. However, by utilizing the Email Design Studio, marketers can shift their focus from configuration to content, thereby streamlining the email creation process.

What is Email Design Studio?

Email Design Studio is the mobile-first email designer with conversion tools and zero-party data capabilities. It is a tool that enables marketers to create dynamic, engaging, and high-converting emails in no time by simply dragging and dropping pre-made elements and adding their own content.

Features of Email Design Studio

1. Mobile Friendly

In today's world, a significant percentage of users access emails on their mobile devices. Email Design Studio facilitates content creation that is easy for mobile users to read by dividing the content into columns that will seamlessly adapt to narrow smartphone screens.

2. Library

Email Design Studio makes it easy to store completed elements in a Library, which saves time and ensures consistent brand communication.

3. Conversion Widgets

The tool goes beyond creating visually appealing emails. It enables users to personalize their content with CDP data, engage their audience with conversion widgets, and collect zero-party data through surveys. This personalization enhances user experience and builds intimacy with the audience, ultimately leading to increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) of the brand.

4. Easy Configuration

Both widgets and sections have their settings, readily available in the left-hand panel. Widgets, which come with different functions and purposes, can be customized in numerous ways to achieve the desired appearance. Section settings, on the other hand, define the style and positioning for each section.

5. Conditional Sections

The Email Design Studio offers users the capability to configure conditional sections, which are helpful when working with content that should only be shown to a particular group of individuals.

6. Grid

The tool comes with a grid system, which is exceptionally helpful when working with sections and widgets.

7. AI Studio

Email Design Studio's AI Studio is a feature that comes in handy for those seeking help with creating high-quality text content such as catchy subjects, compelling introductions, and call-to-action phrases.

8. Sending Settings

Once you have designed your email, it is time to send it. The sending settings feature of the Email Design Studio enables you to select the account from which you want to send the email, add a subject, preheader, and attachments.

How to Use Email Design Studio

The following steps will guide you on how to create visually appealing and high-converting emails using Email Design Studio.

  1. Define the width of your email by going to Body settings, entering a value from 600 to 700 pixels, and clicking Apply. At this point, you can also define the email margins, canvas color, corner rounding, and add a stroke or border.

  2. Design your layout using two types of elements: sections and widgets. Sections define the general layout, act as containers for widgets, and allow you to divide the email body into columns ranging from one up to six. Widgets are easily configurable pre-made elements that allow you to include various kinds of content in your email. You can customize widgets in various ways to achieve the desired appearance. Simply drag and drop them into your email.

  3. Configure your sections and widgets settings according to your requirements. The settings are displayed in the left-hand panel, making it easy to access and modify them.

  4. Add conditional sections, if necessary, and define the settings for your conditional content.

  5. Use the Library feature to save completed elements for future use.

  6. If you need assistance in creating high-quality text content, the AI Studio is a helpful addition.

  7. Before sending your email, update the sending settings, and ensure that you have added the necessary attachments.


The Email Design Studio is an innovative, user-friendly solution that simplifies email design for marketers. Its features, including easy configuration, mobile-friendliness, conversion widgets, conditional sections, and Library, make it a tool that should be in every marketer's toolbox. With the Email Design Studio, creating visually appealing and high-converting emails has never been easier. Visit the SALESmanago Support portal for more videos and articles on the Email Design Studio, and start creating emails that make an impact today.

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