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Raycast: Enhancing Workflow on Mac OS

As an IT professional who switched from Windows to Mac OS, I have always been on the lookout for tools and apps that can enhance my workflow. In previous videos, I have shared my new terminal setup using Warp and Starship, as well as my favorite Markdown editor, Obsidian. However, I recently discovered a new tool for Mac OS called Raycast, which has revolutionized my entire workflow on this operating system.

What is Raycast?

Raycast is a replacement for the Spotlight launcher in Mac OS. It is fast, customizable, and offers a wide range of community plugins. Installing Raycast on your Mac is as simple as running a brew install command in your terminal. Once installed, you can open Raycast using the same hotkey as Spotlight or define a custom hotkey.

Features of Raycast

  1. App Launcher: Raycast allows you to quickly open any application on your Mac. Instead of searching through the Launchpad or using the Finder, simply type in a few letters of the application name, and Raycast will display it for you.

  2. File Search: With Raycast, searching for files becomes a breeze. Just type in a search query, and Raycast will find the files you're looking for. You can even scroll through the search results to quickly locate the desired file.

  3. Productivity Boosters: Raycast offers several productivity features. You can use it to calculate expressions, convert time zones or currencies, and even interpret color codes. These features save time and eliminate the need to open separate applications or websites for such tasks.

  4. Extensibility: One of the standout features of Raycast is its extensibility. You can explore a wide range of extensions and integrations created by the community. From improving Apple programs like Notes, Reminders, and Calendar to managing processes, generating passwords, and enhancing window management, there are extensions available for various tasks.

Exploring Raycast Extensions

  1. Apple Programs: Extensions for built-in Apple programs, such as Notes, Reminders, Emails, and Calendar, allow for quick searching and creation of new items.

  2. Process Killing: An extension simplifies the process of terminating stuck applications or processes on Mac OS.

  3. Password Generation: Raycast offers an extension to generate strong, random passwords with customizable parameters.

  4. Window Management: Raycast's free version includes an integrated window management feature. You can assign custom hotkeys for different window positions, eliminating the need for paid third-party window management tools like Magnet or Moom.

  5. Productivity App Integration: Raycast integrates with popular productivity apps like Raindrop.io for bookmark management. There are also extensions for VS Code and GitHub, facilitating project and repository management without leaving the Raycast interface.

These are just a few examples of the many useful extensions available in the Raycast Store. The vibrant community continually creates and contributes new extensions, catering to a wide range of needs.


Raycast offers both a free version and paid versions with additional features, starting from $8 to $12 per month. The free version includes core functionalities like hotkeys and the search bar action panel. While the additional features may be beneficial depending on individual requirements, the free version already provides substantial value.

Boosting Productivity with Raycast: A Quick Access Tool

Are you tired of constantly searching for applications and scripts on your Mac? Look no further – Raycast is here to revolutionize your workflow. This powerful quick access tool enables you to navigate through your reminders, notes, and much more with lightning speed. While its interface may be minimalistic, Raycast is not designed to replace existing graphical applications. Its primary purpose is to provide a convenient and efficient way to access various functions through keyboard shortcuts.

Unleashing the Power of Raycast

Once you familiarize yourself with Raycast's keyboard shortcuts, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can zip through tasks. If you're already comfortable using a terminal app, you'll instantly recognize the boost in productivity that Raycast provides. Additionally, you can further optimize your workflow by creating custom aliases and assigning hotkeys for specific actions.

Extending the Capabilities of Raycast

One of the most exciting aspects of Raycast is the ability to customize and extend its functionalities. While Raycast comes with a vast array of extensions created by the community, you can also script your own actions. If a particular task or integration isn't available as a Raycast extension, you can easily script it yourself. This opens up endless possibilities for automation and integration.

For example, let's say you frequently search for specific terms on a search engine. By creating a quick link, you can open a new browser tab with the search query already filled in. You can even customize the URL command to open the search results directly in an application, such as Spotify, rather than a browser. This level of customization allows you to streamline your workflow even further.

Taking Customization to the Next Level

If you're comfortable with writing scripts, Raycast offers a powerful feature: custom script commands. These commands enable you to automate complex tasks and integrate with various programming languages, such as bash, AppleScript, Swift, Python, Ruby, or Node.js. Whether it's managing GitHub repositories or performing repetitive tasks, custom script commands in Raycast can handle it all.

Imagine the convenience of having a script command that synchronizes all your GitHub repos with your local folders. With a simple command or keyboard shortcut, Raycast can compare your existing GitHub repos with the ones on your hard drive. It can clone missing repositories, delete outdated ones, and pull down any changes, all without the need to open a terminal app.

By leveraging custom script commands, you have the power to create a tailor-made workflow that fits your specific needs.

Raycast is a powerful tool for mac os that significantly enhances productivity. its extensive features, community plugins, and customizable nature make it an invaluable asset for it professionals and tech enthusiasts alike. although some users may find the interface less intuitive initially, the wide array of available extensions ensures that everyone can tailor raycast to suit their specific needs.

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Raycast offers a game-changing solution for anyone looking to increase productivity on their Mac. Its quick access tool with a focus on keyboard shortcuts provides a seamless and efficient way to navigate through various tasks. Moreover, its extensions and custom script commands allow for endless customization possibilities. So why waste time searching through graphical applications when you can streamline your workflow with Raycast?

In our next few articles, we'll explore the latest enhancements and features of Raycast, as well as dive deeper into other terminal-based workflows. If you don't want to miss out, be sure to like and subscribe. And please, let us know in the comments what kind of content you'd like to see in the future. Until next time, happy productivity!

Disclaimer: The author of this article is not affiliated with Raycast and does not receive any promotional benefits from endorsing this product. The opinions expressed are solely based on personal experiences and observations.

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