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Open AI Leaks: Is a GPT 4.5 Turbo Model on the Way?

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Open AI, the groundbreaking AI research laboratory, might be gearing up for a surprise release of its latest model. Speculations started when a tweet from the Jimmy Apples account hinted at a potential new development. As users dug deeper, they discovered intriguing information about an API called GPD 4.5 turbo. Could this be the highly anticipated GPT 4.5 model fans have been waiting for?

Uncovering the Details

The journey to uncover the truth began with a simple question: What is the precise name of the model powering the API? Users eagerly awaited an answer, questioning whether they were witnessing a well-executed trolling campaign or a genuine stealth release. Thankfully, a call to the API provided the answer they were seeking.

Upon querying the API, users received a response confirming that the name of the model in question is indeed GPT 4.5 turbo. This revelation sparked excitement within the AI community, as they realized they might have stumbled upon an upcoming Open AI release.

Replication and Confirmation

Intrigued by these findings, one user decided to verify the accuracy of the information. They conducted their own investigation, reaching out to the GBD4 platform to inquire about the version of the Open AI API it employed. The response confirmed that the Open AI API on GBD4 utilizes a version based on the GPT 4 architecture.

Seeking further confirmation, the user persisted, asking for the precise name of the model within the API. The response was affirmative yet again; the model in question is indeed GPT 4. However, undeterred, the user pressed for more specific information, leading to the eventual discovery that the precise name of the model within the Open AI API is, in fact, GPT 4.5 turbo.

Leaked Price List - Evidence or Fiction?

Adding fuel to the speculation fire, a leaked document claiming to be from an Open AI employee surfaced online. This document allegedly revealed pricing information for the GPT 4.5 model. While it is essential to approach such leaks with caution, it is difficult to ignore the excitement around this potential new release.

The leaked price list indicated various options for the GPT 4.5 model, including a 64k version and additional features like audio and speech capabilities, as well as vision and 3D printing calculators. Of course, the authenticity of this document cannot be verified at this time, but it only adds to the growing anticipation for a new Open AI release.

Responding to Competition

Timing may be everything in the AI market. With Gemini releasing their own AI model and Mistol making waves, it is only natural for Open AI to respond with their latest offering. The rumored GPT 4.5 turbo might be the perfect response to the competition and push the boundaries of AI even further.

While it remains unclear when Open AI will officially announce the release, fans are hopeful that it will be before the new year. The Sunday morning revelations added a touch of excitement to speculation and discussion within the AI community.

In the coming weeks, the truth behind the rumors will undoubtedly come to light. Until then, it is fun to speculate and imagine the possibilities that a GPT 4.5 turbo model could bring. Open AI has consistently delivered groundbreaking AI advancements, leaving fans eagerly awaiting their next move. Stay tuned for updates as the story unfolds.

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Note: The information presented in this article is based on a series of tweets and online discussions. While efforts have been made to provide accurate information, the authenticity of leaks and rumors cannot be independently verified until officially confirmed by Open AI.

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