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Notable: The Plugin You Need Now

Are you tired of waiting for the highly anticipated Code Interpreter plugin by OpenAI? Don't worry, there is a plugin that is available right now that does almost everything Code Interpreter can do - and arguably, even better. Introducing Notable, the chat GPT plugin that can be used in lots of creative ways.

How to Install Notable

To install Notable, you simply need to go to the Plugins section under GBT4 and scroll all the way down to the bottom of the plugin store. Search for Notable, and click the button to install. Before you can use Notable, you will need to set up two-factor authentication for your chat GBT account for security.

Understanding Notable's Structure

Notable is very simple. Within Notable, there are spaces. Inside those spaces, there are projects, and inside those projects, there are notebooks. These notebooks are what chat GBT creates when you ask it to do a task.

One of the things that CodeInterpreter is known for is the ability to upload documents. Notable has a similar feature - you can upload documents directly from the chat GBT window as long as the link is to a document type that Notable can read, such as an image, .csv file or Google Sheets. This can be done using the Get Data Sources function.

10 Prompts to Use with Notable

Here are 10 prompts that you can use with Notable right now, and one bonus prompt that can't be done with Code Interpreter.

  1. Set your default project to avoid wasting prompts.
  2. Generate QR codes that link to URLs.
  3. Create 3D data visualizations using the Plotly Python library.
  4. Use optical character recognition (OCR) to extract text from images.
  5. Generate captions for images using the OpenAI image captioning tool.
  6. Translate text into different languages using the Google Translate API.
  7. Create simple chatbots using the RASA framework.
  8. Build sentiment analysis models using the Hugging Face Transformers library.
  9. Use the GPT-3 model to generate creative writing prompts.
  10. Extract insights from Twitter data using Tweepy and TextBlob.

Notable and Chat GBT: Exploring the Possibilities

Notable is a popular notebook application that supports various programming languages. It offers a user-friendly interface and enables users to work on various projects, including data analytics, machine learning, and image processing. In this article, we explore the possibilities of working with Notable and Chat GBT to accomplish various tasks.

OCR Image Processing

One of the most fundamental image processing tasks is OCR, which stands for Optical Character Recognition. With Notable, we can create a new notebook for OCR and install the necessary libraries, including easy OCR. While using Chat GBT for this task, we encountered some trouble with Tesseract, but we found that easy OCR works well, albeit a bit slow. We were able to extract text from images, which proved that OCR in Notable does work.

Data Analytics

Notable also supports data analytics and enables users to perform data visualization and analytics tasks. We created a notebook to find five unexpected, non-obvious insights from the given data source about teen actors. After some time, it produces some exciting insights, including age difference distribution, age difference by gender, age difference versus actor popularity, age difference by the number of love interests, and the maximum age difference. The data analytics capabilities in Notable are impressive, and users can even create compelling visualizations for their most interesting observations.

Basic Video Editing

Chat GBT in Notable can handle some basic video editing tasks, such as rotating a video 180 degrees or changing its tone to grayscale. While we were successful in performing some simple video editing tasks, such as trimming one minute from the beginning of a three-minute clip, we encountered several problems. Chat GBT struggled to install MoviePy and displayed errors about non-existent paths that we never specified. Additionally, it failed to create a trimmed video despite saying that the process was successful. Overall, the video editing capabilities in Notable with Chat GBT are limited, and users may prefer other tools for more advanced video editing.

Text to Speech

Using the text-to-speech feature in Notable and Chat GBT can be challenging. While it is possible to convert text into speech, the process may fail to complete the whole text or produce errors. In this regard, the Speech Key Plugin that we featured previously was a more straightforward and reliable alternative.

Image Editing

We used OpenCV in Notable and Chat GBT to remove the background from an image. The result was impressive as the foreground was accurately identified and extracted from the background. We also used REMBG to remove the white background from an image, which produced a transparent PNG output. While not perfect, it was a significant accomplishment for Python and Chat GBT within the Notable environment.

Exploring Image Recognition and ASCII Art with Python

In this article, we will explore the capabilities of Python for image recognition and ASCII art. We will use the Notable platform and the Chat GPT plugin to test out different image recognition techniques and see how well they perform.

Image Recognition with Python

Python is known for its many libraries and modules, but when it comes to background removal, it may not be the best option. Despite this, we will test out Python's image recognition abilities with the help of the Image AI library in Notable.

Results and Challenges

While the Image AI library was able to predict what was in the image with probabilities, the results were limited to individual words instead of full sentences or complete guesses. Additionally, the library had dependencies that needed to be installed, which caused some errors. However, we found another plugin called Scene Explainer that did a better job at image recognition but still had its limitations.

Finding Tongue Twisters in a Massive Text

Next, we tested out Chat GPT's ability to find two tongue twister sentences in a massive text document of Anna Karenina. We ran into some challenges due to the length of the context returned by the plugin, but after a few attempts, we were able to successfully find the tongue twister sentences and the sentences that appeared before them in the text.

Creating ASCII Art with Python

Finally, we explored the creation of ASCII art with Python using the Chat GPT plugin. We tested out the Notable platform and the Code Interpreter, encountering some errors with the latter, but were able to fix them with the help of GPT-3's suggestions.

Overall, our experiments with Python for image recognition and ASCII art showed us both the strengths and limitations of the technology. As more advancements are made in the field, it will be exciting to see what new possibilities arise for these applications in the future.

Exploring the Benefits of Notable

If you're looking for a more robust alternative to chat GPT, Notable may be worth considering. Here are just a few of the benefits that set it apart from other code interpreters:

  1. It serves as a backup for chat GPT. Chat GPT is known for occasionally losing chats, so having a backup like Notable can provide peace of mind.

  2. You can download notebooks and install them in Visual Studio Code. Unlike some other code interpreters, Notable allows you to see what's happening live in your notebook. You can even run one cell at a time, cut and paste cells or parts of cells, and ask for help with specific issues.

  3. It offers various data visualization options. When working with data sets, Notable provides 15 suggested visualizations based upon 23 metrics and 22 dimensions. You can easily ask chat GPT to show you any of these charts in the chat window.

  4. It supports a range of file types for upload. You can upload mp3, mp4, docx, pdf, csv, and more.

  5. It allows for internet access. One notable advantage of Notable is that it's not a walled garden like chat GPT. You can easily use any browsing plugin or GitHub search.

  6. You can power up your session with plugins. Notable is just a plugin, so you can chain it together with other plugins like Link Reader or VoxScript to do Google searches, YouTube transcripts, Paste Bin, and even more.

Notable's flexibility and range of features make it a powerful tool for developers and data analysts alike. By crafting creative prompts and digging deeper into its hidden functions, you can take full advantage of all that Notable has to offer.Notable is an incredible plugin that can be used in all sorts of creative ways. with its easy-to-use interface and broad range of applications, it is the perfect solution for people who want to explore the capabilities of chat gpt without waiting for the code interpreter plugin. try it out for yourself and see what you can create!
Notable and chat gbt have enabled us to explore various tasks, from image processing to data analytics, video editing, text to speech, and image editing. while some tasks were challenging and encountered errors, notable offers a friendly interface that makes it accessible to users of all levels. with this tool set, there is no limit to what we can achieve with python programming.

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