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My Experience at the Augmented World Expo

Recently, I had the opportunity to attend the Augmented World Expo in Santa Clara, California, which was the first live event I've gone to in about four years. As a popular YouTuber in the tech industry, it was a unique experience attending an event since I've gained a following. In this article, I want to break down my experience and highlight some of the exciting technology I had the opportunity to experience at the Expo.

The Playground

On the second day at the Expo, I had the chance to explore the Playground, an area showcasing various virtual and augmented reality tech toys. It was a fascinating experience to be able to play with these cutting-edge gadgets and have the opportunity to use them myself. As someone who is typically introverted, it was entirely different to have people recognize me and want to chat and take photos with me at these events. Nevertheless, it was excellent to interact with fans of my channel and meet people who share the same passion for tech.

Nine Cool Technologies I Experienced

While exploring the Expo, I visited every single booth and captured footage of each one so that I could review it later. There were nine particular technologies that stood out to me, which I found very impressive. Here is a list of tech toys that blew my mind at the Expo:

  1. Sightful: This keyboard and mouse combination come with x-reel glasses to immerse you in a 360-degree field of vision, providing complete privacy while you work.
  2. X-reel Air Glasses: These glasses look like standard aviator glasses but allow you to play video games, watch movies, or connect to any device that connects to a monitor.
  3. Ant Reality: These glasses had a prototype on hand that switches between augmented reality and virtual reality with the press of a button.
  4. Digi Lens: These augmented reality glasses allow for manipulation of 3D assets using finger gestures, giving a Minority Report feel.
  5. The Looking Glass: This impressive tech toy is a holographic display that lets you interact with a 3D scene without using a VR headset.
  6. Ether Real: Ether Real allows you to create detailed 3D scans of any object using a smartphone camera, which can be 3D printed into a physical copy.
  7. Object Theory: This software enables you to create and deploy mixed reality applications using native 3D assets and databases.
  8. Holo-Light: Holo-Light offers augmented reality remote assistance targeted for industrial applications, allowing for more efficient and cost-effective problem-solving.
  9. Eonite Perception: Eonite Perception's software uses depth data to map the environment, enabling accurate and reliable tracking of moving objects in real-time.

My VIP Experience

The media pass I was given had a green lanyard, which gave me a VIP treatment throughout the Expo. I even felt guilty at times when the vendors pulled me in front of other people to test out the tech. Although I had not forced anyone to miss out on the opportunity to test the technology, I still felt awkward about being pulled to the front of the line, as it wasn't my intention. Despite that, I tried to explore every booth, and it paid off as nine cool things stood out to me that I would have missed otherwise.

The Future of Technology

An exciting idea that I observed throughout the Expo was the convergence of real-world and virtual experience, and the way AI is shaping it. As somebody interested in the future of technology, I am drawn to extended reality and mixed reality. I believe that as AI shapes our virtual experience and creates something beyond our imagination and moves towards a future where our digital world combines with the physical one seamlessly. I experienced this glimpse of the future at the Expo, which has changed my perspective about the potential of technology.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I had an incredible time attending the Augmented World Expo. The technology I witnessed was mind-blowing, and it was exciting to be able to experience it firsthand. I truly believe that we are on the cusp of something unique with these technologies, and I am eager to see where they go in the future.

Experience the Future of Tech: A Recap of My Visit to the Tech Expo

At the recent Tech Expo, I had the opportunity to try out some of the most cutting-edge technology available on the market. Here is a breakdown of some of the most exciting innovations that I got to experience:

Digital Reality Glasses

The Digital Reality glasses were a game-changer as it was the first time I was experiencing augmented reality with just hand gestures. The ability to manipulate objects around me using my fingers was impressive, and it almost felt like a scene straight out of Minority Report. The demo of a car engine, which allowed me to open up the car engine and look at spots inside of it by just pinching and dragging, left me in awe of what technology can do. The only downside was the glasses' weight, which was a lot heavier than expected, making it challenging to keep them from sliding down my nose. The head strap and band were helpful to keep them in place.

Haptic Device

The Haptic device was a backpack that created a feeling of sensation on the user's hands. The sensation was as if the user was actually touching and feeling the objects in question. The ability to pick up an object and feel the sensation of touching it like a handle of a tea kettle was extraordinary and hard to describe. The early prototype is something the company is still exploring to see what they can do with the technology and isn't necessarily something that home consumers will have anytime soon.


The Lumapad looked and functioned like an Android tablet, but it was in 3D, which was hard to describe without seeing it in person. When looking at the tablet, the depth of things was apparent, and the 3D looked like it was popping out of the screen. The ability to spin around 3D objects like those made in Blender was exceptional. It was unfortunate that the 3D effect couldn't be captured on camera as it needed to be seen in person to appreciate.

Aroma Join

The Aroma Join was an innovative piece of technology that let users smell what they were seeing on the screen. The little unit sitting on top of the screen had cartridges that blended various types of scents according to the demo played. Unfortunately, since this couldn't be shared online, it's something one needs to experience in person to appreciate.

Attending the Tech Expo left me with much anticipation for what the future of technology holds. The advanced tech I experienced leads me to believe that the future is bright and full of endless possibilities.

Awe-Inspiring Virtual Reality Experiences at the Augmented World Expo

The Augmented World Expo is a fantastic event that showcases the latest and greatest advancements in augmented reality and virtual reality technology. At the expo, I was treated to an array of immersive virtual reality experiences that absolutely blew my mind. In this article, I will be sharing some of my most awe-inspiring experiences at the event.


One of the most impressive demonstrations at the event was the Smell-O-Vision. This technology allows you to experience smells based on what you are seeing on the screen. For example, if you see a chocolate bar on the screen, you will get a whiff of chocolate. The Smell-O-Vision technology can blend different scents to create unique fragrances. The experience was just like being in a real-life situation.

Meta Quest Pro

The Meta Quest Pro was undoubtedly the most immersive experience I had at the expo. The visuals were incredibly lifelike, and the transitions between virtual reality and augmented reality were seamless. On trying the Meta Quest Pro, I got to paint walls in augmented reality before being transported to a virtual reality world. The Meta Quest Pro blended virtual reality and augmented reality so seamlessly that it felt like I was in a completely different world. The experience was so immersive that it left me awestruck.

Laser Tag in Augmented Reality

Playing laser tag in augmented reality was a unique experience that I thoroughly enjoyed. It involved wearing augmented reality glasses that transformed the actual environment into a virtual game battleground. Although it was not as immersive as the Meta Quest Pro, it was still an incredible experience that showcased the revolutionary possibilities of augmented reality.

Our Journey Towards Virtual Reality Worlds and Metaverses

The highlights of this expo were undoubtedly the virtual reality demonstrations. The Sci-Fi dream of virtual reality worlds and metaverses is slowly becoming a reality. With advancements in AI and extended reality, it's becoming easier for developers to create new worlds, characters, avatars, and realistic NPCs that have their own voice and personality.

However, there is still a missing link, and that is the transition from being cool Tech to being an indispensable part of everyone's daily reality. Although the devices showcased at the expo were revolutionary, and the demonstrations were impressive, there is still a long way to go before this technology becomes an integral part of our daily lives.

Our Exciting Future

Despite the gaps that need to be bridged in this technology, the future is super exciting. The advancements in AI, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality are sparking creativity in developers and technology enthusiasts alike. The technology is getting easier and easier to create immersive worlds with AI, AI art, and we are getting closer to realizing our Sci-Fi dreams.

As the pace at which this technology advances picks up with the merging of AI and extended reality, we can appreciate the progress that has been made. There is so much to look forward to in this field, and I am excited to continue sharing my experiences with you all.

In conclusion, the Augmented World Expo was an incredible event that showcased the most innovative advances in technology. The demonstrations and experiences were awe-inspiring, and the future of AI, virtual reality, and augmented reality appears very promising.

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