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Maximizing Keyword Opportunities: Using Baseline Difficulty and Domain Rating Filter

If you have already established a keyword difficulty baseline, this article will show you how to couple that with a domain rating filter to identify some of the most realistic quick win opportunities. This approach helps you to narrow down keyword opportunities to target the most achievable ones.

Establishing a Keyword Difficulty Baseline

The keyword difficulty baseline is an essential metric for determining the ranking of the keywords you are targeting. In this example, let's assume a Beard Products Company wants to rank for the 'beard oil' seed term.

By setting keyword difficulty Baseline limits of 0-20 for commercial terms and 0-35 for informational terms, we can input this data into the Ahrefs keyword Explorer to extract a list of potential keywords to rank for.

Domain Rating Filter

The domain rating filter can help you to refine your search for immediate realistic targets that align with your keywords and domain rating. Here is how to use the domain rating filter in conjunction with the baseline keyword difficulty:

  1. Open the Ahrefs Keyword Explorer and enter your 'beard oil' keyword
  2. Navigate to the matching terms report and select the phrase match option
  3. Set the maximum keyword difficulty to 20 (based on our example)
  4. Set a minimum search volume of 100
  5. Apply a domain rating filter to the results for keywords with at least one ranking position
  6. Set the domain rating to up to (in this example) 40

This process limits the scope of potential keywords and filters out irrelevant ones. It also ensures we are focusing on achievable keywords with ranking potential.

Keyword Opportunities

By following the above steps, we can identify the following keyword opportunities:

  1. Beard Oil - This product page opportunity has a high search volume and low keyword difficulty. It could be a targeted opportunity for ranking our website product pages.
  2. Natural Beard Oil - This has a lower search volume and keyword difficulty, but it has potential to be a targeted opportunity for a subcategory in the site.
  3. Beard Oil Kit - This has a moderate search volume and keyword difficulty and could also be a potential subproduct page for the company.

These keywords are all achievable benchmarks for the site based on our established Baseline difficulty and domain rating filters. Other keywords identified include 'Beard Oil Benefits' and 'Best Beard Oil for Dry Skin', which have low difficulty rankings and are great opportunities for informational posts that link back to targeted product pages.


In conclusion, the keyword difficulty baseline and domain rating filter are crucial metrics for identifying achievable keyword opportunities. By selecting keywords that fall within a specific difficulty range and have a domain rating comparable or lower than your site, you can increase your chances of ranking and boosting organic traffic. Remember to check other essential metrics like backlinks, page-level backlink data, content formats, and the type of content needed for optimal ranking. This approach helps to streamline the process of selecting keywords with maximum potential.

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