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Is Coding Still Worth Learning? A Senior Software Engineer's Perspective

As the field of software engineering continues to grow and become more lucrative, many individuals are asking the question, "how do I learn to code?" However, before diving into programming, it's important to consider whether it's the right career path. In fact, one question that should be asked is whether senior software engineers would recommend their children to pursue coding.

Many may be surprised by the answer, as senior software engineers can earn upwards of $500,000 per year working at tech giants such as Facebook and Google. However, it's critical to note the importance of being intentional with career choices and reverse engineering a path to success. One resource that can aid in this journey is TechInterviewPro.com, which provides coaching from former Google and Facebook engineers and boasts a starting salary of $250,000 and the potential to earn up to $600,000.

Despite the allure of such high salaries, it's important to recognize that programming is not what it used to be. The rise of the low-code and no-code movement means that anyone can deploy a website with a click of a button, and outsourcing or hiring contractors for custom code is always an option. Additionally, with the advent of machine learning and artificial intelligence, coding no longer requires advanced problem-solving skills as a lot of basic programming can now be automated.

As a result, the role of a senior software engineer has changed considerably, and many spend more time writing design documents, creating presentations, and managing email than actually writing code. In fact, seniority in the field does not necessarily equate to being an expert coder.

This shift in the industry has led to the saturation of the job market and increased competition from individuals around the world, many of whom are willing to work for lower wages. Additionally, diversity efforts in the tech industry may create further barriers for certain groups to enter the field.

While coding can still be a lucrative career path for some, it's crucial to consider whether it's the right fit. It's important to note that not everyone is meant to be a programmer and that coding is not rocket science. It takes time, dedication, and high-level skills to secure a well-paying job in the industry. Overall, it's critical for individuals to think critically about their career goals and investigate all available resources before deciding whether to pursue programming.

Understanding the Reality of Becoming a Programmer

If you're considering a career in programming, there are some important facts to consider before diving in. While some may assume that becoming a programmer is an easy path to a high-paying job, the truth is much more complex. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

It Takes Time and Skill to Build a Career

Despite what some may assume, becoming a programmer takes significant time and effort. Many high-performing individuals at top tech companies have similar stories of taking a decade or more to reach their current positions. Even those who graduate at the top of their universities must continue to work hard and improve their skills to achieve success in the field.

Appearance can be Deceptive

It's easy to underestimate the abilities of others based on their appearance or demeanor, but this can be a mistake. Even those who appear "normal" or dress casually may be highly skilled and accomplished. Aspiring programmers shouldn't assume that they are on the same level as others without knowing their background and experience.

Broad Skills are Essential

A common misconception is that learning a single programming language is sufficient for success in the field. In reality, the most successful programmers have a diverse set of skills that they can use to solve a range of problems. In addition to programming languages, skills in design, marketing, communication, math, and other areas may be necessary for some positions.

Passion is Not Enough

Many people consider themselves passionate about coding, but that doesn't mean a career in programming is right for them. Being successful in the field often requires long hours and a willingness to focus on the details. Aspiring programmers should consider whether they enjoy working with computers for extended periods before committing to a career in the field.

Programming as a Hobby and a Career

Programming can exist as both a hobby and a career. While some people enjoy coding as a hobby, they may find that a career in programming is less desirable due to long hours and lower pay in some areas. Conversely, those who have never coded before may find that they are interested in it as a profession. However, it's important to start slowly with small coding projects before diving fully into the field.

Glory is Not the Goal

While some may have visions of becoming the next Bill Gates or Elon Musk, the reality is that glory is not the primary goal of most programmers. In fact, many programmers are content to work behind the scenes without much recognition for their contributions. Entrepreneurs are often more focused on the impact their work can have on the world than on achieving fame or recognition.

Programming is Not the Only Option

Finally, it's important to remember that programming is not the only option in the tech industry. Companies hire a wide range of employees, including those in design, marketing, communication, product management, HR, sales, and operations. Even entry-level positions in these fields may offer better benefits than some programming positions.

Overall, understanding the reality of becoming a programmer is essential before committing to the field. While it can be a rewarding career, it requires significant time, effort, and a diverse set of skills. Aspiring programmers should consider their goals and interests carefully before making a decision.

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