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Introducing Oracle AGI: An Advanced Prompt Engineering System

What is Oracle AGI?

Oracle AGI is an advanced prompt engineering system that involves 25 plus chain prompts and AI agents to evaluate, create, and look at an ID or a problem. The name "Oracle AGI" comes from the use of eight different expert agent personas that can be customized based on the skills required for a particular task.

How Oracle AGI Works

Step 1: Chain Prompts - Customizable and Mobile

The system starts off with 25 plus chain prompts that are customizable and can be accessed on mobile devices. These prompts have been designed to showcase a wide range of agent personas and skills required for a task. For instance, a business problem-solving prompt might include personas such as a finance expert, a strategic thinker with an MBA from Harvard Business School, and a marketing pioneer.

Step 2: Input ID or Problem Statement

The next step in the process is to input an ID or a problem statement into the system. For example, suppose you want to brainstorm different ideas for a new business. In that case, you can input the problem statement, "I want to brainstorm three crazy business ideas."

Step 3: Loop Through Chain Prompts Multiple Times

Once the input ID or problem statement has been fed into the system, it goes through a loop through chain prompts multiple times. Each loop includes different persona agents or a combination of personas, brainstorming ideas based on the input ID. For instance, a loop can include business persona agents, marketing persona agents, software persona agents, or creativity tinker persona agents.

Step 4: Select the Best Ideas

After each loop, the system saves the improved ideas or IDs into a new text file. At the end of the loop, the system selects the three best IDs from the saved IDs in the text files.

Step 5: Choosing the Final Ideas

Once the system has selected the three best IDs from each loop, it chooses the best five out-of-the-box ideas from a well-structured list of all the IDs. The final five ideas are presented with a title, a TL;DR, and a craziness scale.

Why Use Oracle AGI?

Oracle AGI is an excellent tool for brainstorming new ideas for a project. It allows for a diverse range of expert agents and personas to evaluate and create an ID, ensuring that the ideas generated are unique and out of the box. The customizable and mobile prompts make the system easy to use and accessible from anywhere.

How to Run Oracle AGI

To run Oracle AGI, an individual can set up the system on a platform like Chapter Turbo. They can input their problem statement and let the system run through the chain prompts, brainstorming improved ideas, and selecting the best five out-of-the-box ideas.


Oracle AGI is an advanced prompt engineering system that utilizes diverse expert personas to generate unique and out-of-the-box ideas. It is easily customizable and accessible through mobile prompts, making it an excellent tool for individuals looking to brainstorm new ideas for a project.

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