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Introducing AutoSheets.ai: An In-depth Review and Comparison with SEO Writing.ai

Welcome, readers, to Wars as Kale! Today, we will be delving into the topic that many of you have been asking about: AutoSheets.ai. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive review of AutoSheets.ai and compare its features with another popular SEO writing tool, SEO Writing.ai. So, let's get started!

AutoSheets.ai: An Overview

AutoSheets.ai is a service that offers advanced Google Sheets with built-in Jupiter functionality. This tool allows users to test it for free with a script that generates 1000-word blocks along with images. But for more extended functionality, users have the option to upgrade to the premium version, which unlocks a word count of up to 3000 words.

Setting Up AutoSheets.ai

Setting up AutoSheets.ai may prove to be a bit challenging, as it requires some technical configuration. However, the effort is worth it as it provides all the necessary features for generating high-quality content. Users need to insert their API key in the designated field to activate the tool's functionality.

Generating Articles with AutoSheets.ai

Once AutoSheets.ai is set up, users can generate up to 10 articles at once. To demonstrate the tool's capabilities, let's perform a test on the topic "Can Dogs Eat Longan?"

To initiate the article generation process, we need to access the AutoSheets.ai menu and run the script. The powerful algorithm takes care of various aspects of the article, including the outline, images, URLs, meta descriptions, and FAQs. The entire output is presented in an HTML schema, ensuring a well-structured article.

Comparing AutoSheets.ai with SEO Writing.ai

To provide a comprehensive analysis, we will compare AutoSheets.ai with another popular SEO writing tool, SEO Writing.ai. Let's generate an article on the same topic using SEO Writing.ai and see how the outputs differ.

SEO Writing.ai: Generating Content

After initiating the article generation process in SEO Writing.ai, we can observe that it quickly generates an outline consisting of sections such as introduction, frequently asked questions, conclusions, links, relevant sources, references, and resources. The generated article promises to be around 3200 words long.

The Output: AutoSheets.ai vs. SEO Writing.ai

While SEO Writing.ai is relatively faster in generating the article outline, AutoSheets.ai is not far behind. Let's take a closer look at the outputs of both tools:

Output from AutoSheets.ai

AutoSheets.ai successfully generates the outline with sections like introduction, frequently asked questions, conclusions, and references. However, it seems to have some duplicate information, and the choice of the post title and URL may not align with standard SEO practices. The generated article has a word count of approximately 2800 words.

Output from SEO Writing.ai

SEO Writing.ai, on the other hand, provides a well-structured article with sections closely aligned with SEO requirements. The generated content covers various aspects of the topic, including a nutritional profile, health benefits, precautions, frequently asked questions, and conclusion. The article word count is close to 3000 words.

Evaluating the Outputs

Upon evaluation of the outputs, it is clear that both AutoSheets.ai and SEO Writing.ai have their strengths and weaknesses. AutoSheets.ai may need some refinement in terms of duplicate information and choice of SEO-friendly titles and URLs. SEO Writing.ai, on the other hand, excels in generating a well-optimized article with a visually appealing layout and cohesive content.


In conclusion, AutoSheets.ai offers a powerful tool for generating articles within a Google Sheets framework. While it may require some technical expertise to set up, it provides advanced features and functionality. However, it falls slightly short in areas such as duplicate information and SEO optimization. On the other hand, SEO Writing.ai, despite its faster generation process, delivers a more polished output that aligns closely with SEO best practices.

Remember, choosing the right tool for your specific needs depends on weighing the pros and cons of each. Whether you opt for AutoSheets.ai or SEO Writing.ai, both tools offer valuable options for content generation. We hope this review has shed light on these tools' capabilities and assists you in making an informed choice.

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