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Increasing Profit Margins in E-commerce: Exploring Alternative Products

E-commerce entrepreneurs, especially those in the print-on-demand business, know how important profit margins are. Offering products with relatively low profit margins, such as t-shirts, can limit your growth potential. In this article, we explore alternative products that offer higher profit margins.

The Problem with Low Profit Margins

T-shirts are a staple of the print-on-demand business, but their profit margins are relatively low - approximately $7 when free shipping is included. This profit margin might seem reasonable at first, but considering product returns, it can quickly make your business unsustainable.

Exploring Alternative Products

It's essential to look for trending and new products to offer your customers. One way to do this is by exploring the "new products" section of your e-commerce platform. These products can give you an idea of what customers are interested in and what products might sell.

Champion Products

One brand worth exploring is Champion products. This brand offers interesting products fulfilled in three countries worldwide. Its embroidery options make it an excellent choice for creating unique, high-quality products.

Laptop Sleeves

Laptop sleeves offer a higher profit margin than t-shirts. Performing a simple search with search operators, such as site: etsy.com inurl:search?question_mark &title:laptop sleeve, can help you find products with good profit margins. For instance, llamas laptop sleeves with an Etsy price of 37 euros can bring about 17 euros in profits after shipping.

Framed Posters

Framed posters are a good product that offers better profit margins. You can use search operators to find different types of posters at varying prices. For instance, a 24x36 framed poster can be sold for as much as 102 euros.

Final Thoughts

Exploring new product options is crucial in increasing your e-commerce business's profit margins. By finding products with better margins than t-shirts, such as Champion products, laptop sleeves, and framed posters, you can take your e-commerce business to the next level. Remember to find trending products, use search operators, and check for copyright issues before offering any product.

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