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How We Automated and Outsourced Our YouTube Affiliate Channel


In August 2020, at the age of 19, I successfully outsourced and automated my main YouTube channel, which was generating a monthly income of eight thousand dollars. During this time, an idea for a new YouTube channel with enormous potential struck me. This channel had the ability to generate significant earnings and outsourcing opportunities at a low cost. I shared this idea with my best friends, Dan and Ryan, who were eager to start a project together. We saw this as an opportunity to tap into the lucrative world of Amazon affiliate marketing channels.

The Amazon Affiliate Channel Idea

Amazon affiliate channels are known for producing product review videos that feature various products available on Amazon. By optimizing these videos to rank high in YouTube search results and including Amazon affiliate links in the video descriptions, creators have the potential to earn commissions for every purchase made through their links within the first 24 hours. Some channels in this niche have even earned million-dollar revenues annually.

Getting Started: Channel Name, Amazon Affiliate Program, and Video Production

After pitching the channel idea to Dan and Ryan, we decided to name our channel "Best Product For You." To start monetizing our videos, we signed up for the Amazon affiliate program, allowing us to promote and earn commissions from Amazon products. Initially, we chose to produce the videos ourselves due to limited financial resources. Together, we spent hours researching the best microphones for our first video.

We encountered several challenges during this process:

  1. Product Selection: We had to determine which products to feature in our videos.
  2. Script Writing: Craft a compelling script for each product review.
  3. Quantity vs. Quality: Balance between time-consuming script-writing and timely video production.

In order to overcome these challenges, we divided the responsibilities among ourselves. I focused on topic research, voiceover, and thumbnail creation. Ryan concentrated on script writing and generating affiliate links. Dan contributed by organizing templates to streamline the editing process. Although we faced initial difficulties, this division of labor significantly reduced our production time.

Growing Pains and Progress

As we aimed to upload seven videos per week, we understood the importance of quantity in attracting viewership and income. In September 2020, I had already experienced the positive impact of frequent uploads on my main channel's revenue, which reached ten thousand dollars that month. With "Best Product For You," we generated a modest $24.14 in commissions, splitting it amongst ourselves. It was clear that we needed to increase our numbers to achieve sizable profits.

In October and November, our commissions grew to $31.83 and $15.86, respectively. However, we were not satisfied with these results. We were aware of the immense earning potential in this niche, but our numbers were falling short. We needed to make significant changes to our strategies to push forward.

Enhancing Strategies for Better Results

We wanted to scale our income and increase our commissions substantially. We discovered a website called Geniuslink, which allowed us to redirect traffic from different countries to the local Amazon store, ensuring that our commissions were counted regardless of the buyer's location. This opened up opportunities to sell a wide range of products, including computer electronics, cell phones, and even a full home gym that yielded a substantial commission of $5.5K.

Our monthly commissions began to climb in December 2020, peaking at $118.71. We attributed this success to our ability to create trending videos about popular products like the PS5 and Xbox One, which brought a surge of views and commissions. This momentum set the stage for an exponential increase in sales going into the new year.

Challenges and Adaptation

Unfortunately, we faced a setback on January 12th when YouTube issued two copyright strikes against our channel due to excessive use of copied scripts. This forced us to make a crucial decision - should we keep the videos on our main channel and risk losing everything with one more strike, or should we relocate the videos to a second channel? We chose the latter option, allowing us to continue generating commissions while reducing the risk of losing our earnings.

To maintain compliance, we shifted our video creation process. Instead of relying on internet-sourced information and risking copyright issues, I came up with the idea of directly using product information from Amazon or the manufacturer's page. This change, coupled with the use of AI text-to-speech technology for voiceovers, enabled us to increase our video output to ten videos per week.

Steadily Increasing Commission Revenues

The changes we implemented had a positive impact on our commission earnings:

  • February: $103
  • March: $315
  • April: $686

We experienced exponential growth, doubling our earnings consistently each month. If we could sustain this trajectory, we projected a potential $10,000 per month by the end of the year. However, in May and June, our revenues plateaued, indicating the need for further improvements in our strategies.


Lessons Learned from a YouTube Channel's Revenue Journey

Have you ever dreamed of making millions of dollars from a YouTube channel? Ryan and Dan, two ambitious individuals, had precisely that aspiration. In this article, we will delve into their revenue journey, uncovering valuable lessons along the way.

Exploring the Revenue Journey

The revenue journey of Ryan and Dan's YouTube channel commenced in July 660, where they witnessed a steady increase in commissions. However, despite the positive trajectory, they soon realized they were not heading in the right direction. To rectify this, they adopted various measures, which we will elaborate on further in this article.

  • In August, their commissions amounted to $737.
  • In September, the figure dropped to $528.
  • October saw a further decline to $514.
  • November brought a slight increase to $558.
  • December's revenue put their total commissions for the year 2021 at $8,400.

Although pleased with their progress, Ryan and Dan admitted that $8,400 per year was not a significant sum for the effort they were putting in. Nevertheless, they recognized the potential for earning millions, much like other successful channels.

To overcome the limitation of time, the duo decided to explore outsourcing options. They hired a video editor and a virtual assistant. With the aid of editing templates and text-to-speech voiceover technology, their virtual assistant streamlined the video creation process. Thanks to the templates built by Dan, it now took just 30 minutes for the video editor to complete one video. This meant they could produce two videos per hour, all at the cost of $7 per video. Consequently, by allocating a portion of their commissions, they were able to outsource the production of approximately 100 videos per month to the video editor.

Scaling Missteps

This decision to prioritize quantity over quality proved to be a miscalculation. Ryan and Dan realized that it would have been more effective to focus on creating higher-quality videos, even if it meant uploading fewer of them. However, they persistently uploaded videos of subpar quality throughout February and March. Despite these efforts, their revenue remained stagnant, with commissions amounting to a mere $400.

Considering that Ryan and Dan were dedicating considerable time to this venture and splitting the revenue among three people, the returns were far from promising. Consequently, in May 2022, they made the difficult choice to step away from the project, acknowledging the need to learn from their experiences and embark on new endeavors.

Success Despite Abandonment

Despite leaving the project behind, the channel continued to generate passive income for Ryan and Dan. In 2022, they earned approximately $5,000 from the channel. This revenue primarily comprised $4.3K in commissions and the rest from ad revenue. Ryan, in particular, found success in running a thriving advertising agency and scaling up his short-form content agency on YouTube.

Key Takeaways

The revenue journey of Ryan and Dan's YouTube channel offers valuable lessons to aspiring creators. One crucial lesson is that the execution of an idea can make or break its success. It is not solely about having a perfect concept; it is about ensuring everything is set up correctly to yield desirable results. To aid in understanding the entire process, a one-hour tutorial video has been created. This video breaks down the setup and shares insights to help other passionate individuals kickstart their own YouTube revenue journey. The tutorial is provided free of charge, with no hidden agenda.

To access the tutorial and glean insights from Ryan and Dan's experiences, simply click on this video link. Remember, success lies in understanding the nuances and intricacies of YouTube revenue generation. Embrace the lessons learned, and may your journey be filled with triumphs.Despite facing challenges, our amazon affiliate channel, "best product for you," proved to have immense earning potential. our journey began with a small commission of $18, but through consistent uploads and strategic adaptations, our results improved significantly. as we entered 2021, our channel's monthly commissions reached an impressive $8,400.

in part two of this article, we will delve into the tactics we implemented to address our plateauing revenues and work towards continued growth and success in the highly competitive world of amazon affiliate marketing.

note: this article is a fictional rendition based on the given text and does not represent any real-life experiences or entities.

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