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How to Write the Perfect Email for Your Link Building Outreach Campaign

Are you tired of sending emails for your link building outreach campaign that just end up in the spam folder? Do you want to learn how to write an email that can generate over 200 backlinks with just one campaign? Then this is the article for you. In this guide, we will discuss the rookie mistakes that most people make when sending link building outreach emails and how to optimize your email copy to increase your success rate.

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The author of this article is Julian Goldie, a full-time white hat link builder who has worked on dozens of link building campaigns. He specializes in the Skyscraper Technique and has a web profile that demonstrates his expertise.

Common Mistakes in Link Building Outreach Emails

When you are doing link building outreach, you are competing with potentially 10 or 20 other people who have landed in the inbox of your target webmasters, which makes it difficult to stand out. Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid:

  1. Writing bad subject lines: Most emails with bad subject lines get deleted. A good subject line should pique some curiosity and interest. For instance, if you want to write an email about a blog post, write something like, "Saw your latest post, thought you might like this."
  2. Using the wrong software: Do not use software like MailChimp for your cold email outreach. Instead, use software like lemlist, Mailshake, or Pitchbox that is designed for this purpose.
  3. Getting the mail merge wrong: Always double-check for errors before sending your email.
  4. Using formatting and design: Use plain text emails instead of formatting and design because they are more likely to pass spam filters and land in the primary inbox.
  5. Using spammy language: Avoid exclamation marks, the word "free," or any other signals that might trigger spam filters. Be careful when using languages that look or sound spammy.
  6. Not being polite: Always use polite language in your email copy. Avoid being rude or abrupt.

Writing a Successful Link Building Outreach Email

Writing a successful link building outreach email requires the right knowledge and approach. Below are some pointers to help you optimize your campaign:

  1. Optimize your subject line: Make sure that your subject line is intriguing and compelling enough to get your target webmasters to open your email.
  2. Use the right software: Use software that is specifically designed for cold email outreach.
  3. Personalize your email: Address your target webmasters by name and personalize the content of the email.
  4. Avoid using spammy language: Use professional language and be polite in your email copy.
  5. Keep your email simple: Keep your email copy short and straightforward. Avoid unnecessary information that might bore the receiver.

How to Optimize Your Outreach Campaigns

Are you struggling to get results from your outreach campaigns? Do you want to know how to make your campaigns stand out and get noticed? Look no further because we have some valuable tips and insights to share with you.

The Importance of Email Copywriting

One of the keys to successful outreach campaigns is email copywriting. It may seem like a small detail, but it can make a huge difference in the response rate of your targets. According to recent studies, the reply rate for a typical link building campaign with the Skyscraper Technique is around 8 to 10 percent. However, with the right copywriting, you can achieve much higher rates.

Example of a Successful Campaign

To demonstrate the power of effective copywriting, let's take a look at a successful campaign. The email had a 69% open rate, which is remarkable for an outreach campaign. Additionally, it had a 33% reply rate, a great achievement for a cold email campaign. Some of the positive reactions to the email mentioned were that the humor was appreciated and that it stood out from typical request emails.

Analyzing the Elements of the Email

The email included a mail merge, which enables the use of customized information such as the receiver's name, competitor's name, and URL. The subject line was clear, concise, and not spammy. The email included fun puns and jokes that kept the recipients engaged. It also had clean and scannable content that was easy to read. Finally, the email offered a win-win situation for the recipient.

Examples of Successful Campaigns

To give you a better idea of how to structure your campaigns and what types of content to promote, let's take a look at some examples.

SEO Beginner's Guide Campaign

One campaign promoted an SEO beginner's guide and attracted numerous links to the content. The subject line was clear, and the email was fun and humorous, highlighting the puns and jokes related to the content. The content was scannable, easy to read, and to the point.

In-Depth Guide Campaign

Another campaign promoted an in-depth guide, which had a high success rate. The email subject line was straightforward, and the content showcased the benefits of the guide. There were short paragraphs describing the guide, and it ended with a clear call-to-action.

Mastering Email Copywriting for Successful Link Building Outreach

Getting other websites to add your content is crucial for a successful digital marketing strategy. However, bombarding webmasters with countless emails isn't productive. This is why crafting the perfect email is key to obtaining backlinks. Here are some tips for creating an email that webmasters won't hesitate to respond to:

Make it a Win-Win Situation

Offer something of value to the webmaster. It could be a social media share, a promotion in your email newsletter, or even a free back massage. Whatever it takes to make the link worth their while. Building a good relationship from the start ensures a fair trade-off.

Keep it Lighthearted and Informal

Avoid sounding like a robot by using casual language and an informal tone. You want to engage the webmaster without sounding demanding. Use humor whenever possible. For example, you could include a joke in your follow-up message to make it more memorable.

Follow Up

Don't expect the webmaster to respond to your first email. Instead, follow up after five days and then one final time after another five days. This gives them a chance to respond. Also, it shows that you're persistent but not pushy.

Be Polite

Don't be rude or steal value from people. You need to ensure that offering a backlink will be beneficial for both parties. Don't waste their time. Keep it short and to the point, making it easy to read.


Crafting the perfect email is an art that will take time to master, but once accomplished, it will be well worth the effort. Keep it lighthearted, informal and engaging. Always follow up, use humor, and be polite. Remember, you're not just creating an email campaign; you're also building a relationship with the webmaster.

If you're struggling with link building outreach, don't hesitate to ask for help. I'm always happy to talk about link building and offer advice. You can comment below with your questions or email me via [email protected]. Thanks for reading.

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