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How to Write SEO Optimized Blog Articles with WriteSonic's AI Article Writer 5.0

In today's digital age, content is king, and search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial to drive traffic to your website. However, creating high-quality, optimized written content consistently can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Thankfully, technologies like WriteSonic's AI Article Writer 5.0 have made content creation a breeze. This tool can create factual, up-to-date, and instant articles based on your competitors' articles or your existing content. In this article, we will guide you on writing SEO optimized blog articles with WriteSonic's AI Article Writer 5.0 with just a few clicks.

Logging into WriteSonic's Account

First, log in to your WriteSonic account and access the dashboard. Here, you will find the new AI Article Writer 5.0, which can create up to 20 articles at once. You can either choose a topic or insert an existing article on a similar topic to be written. For instance, we will select 'artificial intelligence for copywriting' as our topic.

Generating Articles with AI Article Writer 5.0

After entering your topic, you can add any additional information that you wish to be included using WriteSonic's AI Article Writer 5.0. You can also add keywords and select your preferred tone of voice and output quality. For this demonstration, we will opt for a professional tone and superior quality output and then generate articles. WriteSonic's AI Article Writer 5.0 will reference the articles selected, and in a matter of seconds, it will create an outline with a table of contents and a draft of your article.

Reviewing Word Counts

The AI Article Writer 5.0 will initially review the word counts, including input and output, which for this demo will be 3,111 words. You can then confirm and proceed.

Editing Your Article

Once the demo article is generated, you can edit and fine-tune it to add your flair or experiences. For instance, you may want to personalize it by changing the introduction or some of the content. Nonetheless, the AI Article Writer 5.0 does the heavy lifting of keyword research, topic selection, and outline creation.


The cost of using WriteSonic's AI Article Writer 5.0 is reasonable, with a free trial that provides 10,000 words per month and access to the chatsonic chatbot, all their 108 plus AI templates, and the AI Writer. Pricing starts at $19 per month, with an annual plan of $12 per month, with different quality outputs. The premium output uses GPT 3.5, whereas the superior uses GPT 4, which is newer.


Ultimately, WriteSonic's AI Article Writer 5.0 equips you with time-saving tools to create optimized content efficiently. In the ever-changing digital landscape, professionals in the content creation industry must remain informed and keep pace with advancements in AI-driven copywriting. As highlighted, AI-powered tools offer numerous benefits, from enhancing creativity to optimizing SEO performance. By using the AI writing technology, content creators can ensure that they remain at the forefront of this rapidly evolving field.

In conclusion, writing is tedious, but with technology, it can be easier and more efficient. Therefore, incorporating AI Article Writer 5.0 in your writing process can only be beneficial.

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