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How to Write Longer Text with Chat GPT

Do you want to write longer stories or articles but struggle to generate the content? With the new 16k token window recently made available in Chat GPT, you can now create longer text with ease. In this article, we will demonstrate how using Chat GPT you can write longer children's adventure stories with minimal effort.

The Five Simple Steps

Before we start, let's take a look at the five simple steps required:

  1. Fill out a Story ID template
  2. Chat GPT writes an outline for seven chapters from the template
  3. Chat GPT summarizes the seven chapters from the outline
  4. Write the chapters in segments
  5. Append each chapter to the story

Step 1: Fill Out A Story ID Template

The first step in writing your longer story is to fill out a Story ID Template that will act as the base of your story. The template includes information about the genre, setting, plot, and characters that you want to include in your story. This step is straightforward and will take just a few minutes to complete.

Step 2: Chat GPT Writes an Outline

Using the information provided in the Story ID Template, Chat GPT will now generate an outline for seven chapters of your story. The outline is a breakdown of the chapter's main storyline, with notes on characters and plot points. It will provide you with a clear direction for your story, ensuring that it stays on track throughout.

Step 3: Summarize Chapters

After generating the outline, Chat GPT summarizes the seven chapters from the outline. These summaries provide a brief overview of each chapter, including key events and character actions. This summary acts as a guide for the next step in writing the actual chapter.

Step 4: Write the Chapters

This step takes the majority of the time, but it is the essential part of the process. Chat GPT will construct each chapter by working from the summary to construct the content of each section. The important thing to note is that Chat GPT breaks down the chapter into segments, so you can continue writing when you have more tokens, rather than having to complete each chapter in a single writing session.

Step 5: Append the Chapters to the Story

Finally, Chat GPT appends each chapter to the story document, finishing up and completing your longer story. It's that simple!


We ran the script and produced a ten-page children's adventure story. The script produced over 4000 words of content, which is quite impressive for a story needing very little manual input. The story developed through seven chapters, each enriched through the creation of settings, characters, dialogues, and plots.


With Chat GPT, writing longer stories or articles is made easy through a few simple steps. All you need is to fill out the Story ID Template, and the tool will do the rest for you. Additionally, this script is customizable to different writing goals, whether it is for a more in-depth blog post or publishing a book. With the help of Chat GPT, you can create an engaging story that can cater to different audiences.

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