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How to Write a Long SEO-Friendly Article using Chat GPT

In today's digital world, content creation has become crucial for businesses to rank high on Google's search engine results page (SERP) and gain visibility. Writing an article that is informative, engaging, and SEO-friendly is not an easy task. However, with the help of advanced technology, you can now create long-form content that passes AI detection. In this article, we will show you how to write a lengthy, informative, and SEO-optimized article with the help of chat GPT.

Step 1: Use Chat GPT to Generate an Outline for your Article

Generating an outline is the first step towards writing a structured, informative long-form article. However, it can be challenging to get chat GPT to write a lengthy article as it tends to be concise. To tackle this issue, instead of telling Chat GPT to write an entire article, provide it with a prompt to generate an outline first.

Here is an example prompt: "You're a professional article writer for the website Tunapro.com. Generate an outline for your 2000-word blog post titled 'Everything You Should Know About Tuna'."

Step 2: Tell Chat GPT to Write an Article Based on the Generated Outline

The next step is to instruct chat GPT to write a 2000-word article based on the generated outline. Here's an example prompt: "You're a professional article writer for the website Tunapro.com. Write a 2000-word article titled 'Everything You Should Know About Tuna' based on the outline you generated earlier."

However, Chat GPT might still fail to provide a lengthy article as expected. Don't worry; we have a solution.

Step 3: Give Chat GPT Specific Tasks to Write a Lengthy Article

Instead of providing Chat GPT with one prompt, you can break down the task into several prompts and provide it with specific tasks to generate a lengthy article. Here's an example prompt: "You're a professional editor in Tunapro.com. Finish the following tasks:

  1. Generate a five-part outline for the article 'Everything You Should Know About Tuna'
  2. Take the first part in the outline and use it as a topic to write a 500-word article.
  3. Take the second part in the outline and use it as a topic to write a 500-word article," and so on.

By breaking down the article into different tasks, you can instruct the chat GPT to stick to your instructions and generate lengthy content. However, a lengthy and complicated command could confuse Chat GPT. Hence, we recommend sending individual prompts one by one.

Finally, manually combine all the individual articles into one, delete or change the beginnings and endings of each article, and provide the outline to Chat GPT to generate the actual beginning and ending of the entire article.

Step 4: Trick AI Detectors with Paraphrasing Tools

Once you have written a lengthy article, it's time to check if it passes AI detectors. AI detectors can spot AI-generated content easily. To pass the AI detectors, you can use a paraphrasing tool like Coilbot. It can help you make changes in your original article to make it look more human-like and unique.

Step 5: Optimize Your Article for SEO

Optimizing your article for SEO is crucial to improve your website's ranking on Google's SERP. Use chat GPT to generate suggestions for optimizing your article for SEO. Here's an example prompt: "You're an SEO specialist. Read through the following article and provide suggestions for SEO optimization. According to your suggestions, optimize the following article and output the optimized article. Use markdown headers and put a table of content before the first part to make it look more organized."

By following these simple steps, you can write an SEO-friendly, lengthy article with the help of chat GPT. Happy writing!

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