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How to Use Unique Visuals and Avoid Plagiarism in Content Creation

Creating unique and engaging content is essential in today's digital world. However, the process of generating fresh and original content can be time-consuming and challenging. In this article, we will discuss an approach to creating unique visual elements and avoiding plagiarism in your content creation.

The Challenge: Chat GPT Plugin and Plagiarism

The author starts by discussing the Cha GPT plugin and the problem the author encountered with it. Previously, the author instructed the readers to use the URL of a website with Web Pilot in creating unique SVG images. But there was discovered problem with plagiarism when using the plugin, which the author discovered when they copied a portion of the article to check for plagiarism.

The Solution: Check for Plagiarism Before Posting

To avoid plagiarism, the author suggests checking for plagiarism using a free tool available on Google. Simply copy a portion of the text, go to Google, do "one speech mark," paste the text, do "another speech mark," and then press enter. Google will then show you anything with that exact phrase in it.

Use Unique Visuals to Break Up Walls of Text

The author emphasizes the importance of breaking up walls of text to keep readers engaged and to give more HTML to Google's crawlers. Several visual elements can be used to break up the text, including flowcharts, normal charts, pie charts, tabulated information, quotes, bolding, and italics.

The Process of Using Visual Elements

The author shares a process for creating visual elements in their content. First, using the information below, the author suggests creating a flowchart, then a normal chart, and finally a table, using markdown formatting. The author then suggests trying to include all forms of HTML in an article.

The Importance of Indexing Pages on Google

The author stresses the importance of indexing pages on Google for your website to rank. After creating content, make sure to check how many pages are indexed on Google, verify your search console, and submit sitemaps to search console.


Creating unique content is essential for your website to stand out in today's digital world. Unique visuals and useful information not only keep your readers engaged but also help your website rank better on Google's search results pages. By avoiding plagiarism and using unique visual elements, you can increase your website's traffic and engagement metrics.

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