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How to Uncover High-Value Keyword Opportunities for Your Site

In order to ensure that your website shows up in the top search results, you need to find high-value keywords that are relevant to your content. One way to achieve this is to take existing URLs or content on your website and analyze them to uncover valuable keywords that can boost your search engine results. In this tutorial, we will show you how to quickly uncover high-value net new keywords or content opportunities.

Find High-Value Keywords with Ahrefs Site Explorer

The process begins with using a tool like Ahrefs Site Explorer to identify high-value keywords. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Select the URL you want to analyze
  2. Head over to the Site Explorer section and enter URL in the search bar
  3. Select Exact URL to narrow down the results

Identify High-Value Keywords

Once you have entered the URL, it’s time to locate high-value keywords that have good volume and relatively low keyword difficulty. To do this, look for the keywords that your site is ranking for outside of the top 20 positions. These are the valuable keywords that you can go after.

Analyze Your Competitor’s Content

To understand how to create your content around these keywords, you need to analyze your competitors’ content who rank on these keywords. By analyzing the content, you can see which type of format the content should be written for the given keyword.

Example with Beard Brand Site

To better understand this process, let’s take an example of the Beard Brand site. The site has a product page for utility beard oil. By entering the URL into Ahrefs Site Explorer, we can analyze the keywords the page is currently ranking for outside the top 20 positions.

The page is currently ranking for 172 keywords outside the top 20 positions. From this list, select the keywords that have good volume and low keyword difficulty. Two keywords identified in this instance are 'best beard oil for growth' and 'best smelling beard oil.'

Discover Insights from SERP Overview

The next step is to analyze the SERP Overview to understand the content type/format that is ranking high for these keywords. Observing the top pages for both keyword searches, it’s clear that blog posts in listical formats perform best.

Create Targeted Content

Using this information, Beard Brand can create similar blog posts to rank for these high-value keywords. For 'best beard oil for growth', they could create a blog post that lists down the best beard oils for growth, specifically targeted towards the given keyword. Similarly, they can create a blog post for 'best smelling beard oil.'

By creating targeted content that aligns with the identified high-value keywords, you can improve your site’s visibility and attract more organic traffic. The insights gained from analyzing your site’s existing content and competitor’s content can be utilized to enhance your content pipeline and develop a strong content strategy.

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