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How to Restore a Blocked or Disabled Company Profile

In this article, we will guide you through the process of recovering a blocked or disabled company profile. If your company profile or account has violated Google's policies, it may get blocked or disabled, which will result in the denial of access to it. However, you can restore your profile or account by following the steps below.

Check the Guidelines

Before you start the restoration process, make sure that your profile complies with Google's guidelines on company information. Ensure that the following details are accurate and up-to-date:

  • Company name
  • Address
  • Telephone number
  • Other relevant information

Access the Help Center

To restore a blocked or disabled company profile, you will need to navigate to the Help Center. Click on "See more" to access the relevant Help Center article, which will provide you with detailed instructions on how to restore your profile.

Follow the Instructions

Read the instructions to determine whether your company profile can be restored. You will also find recommendations on how to add information about your company and ensure the profile complies with Google's policies. If your profile meets the guidelines, proceed with the restoration process.

Submit a Request

Provide the necessary information and documents, such as a commercial license, to support your request for restoration. Be sure to answer all questions accurately and attach all required documents. Once you have submitted your restoration request, wait for Google's team to review and decide on the request. Do not submit multiple requests while waiting for a decision.

Extra Information

If you need more details, consult the Help Center's support page on the Google My Business website at https://support.google.com/business for more information.

Note that the restoration process may take time, so it's essential to ensure that your company profile adheres to all guidelines to minimize the likelihood of getting blocked or disabled in the future.

With these instructions, you can restore your blocked or disabled company profile on Google My Business and continue to promote your business online.

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