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How to Raise Capital: The Number One Skill of an Entrepreneur

Robert Kiyosaki is here to talk about his upcoming three-day seminar on how to raise capital. The seminar will be held on May 1-3 in Scottsdale, Arizona. In this article, we will explore the key takeaways from the seminar.

Who Should Attend?

This seminar is specifically for entrepreneurs in business or real estate. However, even if you're not an entrepreneur yet but want to become one, this seminar can help you. Past experience is not necessary as long as you have a desire to learn.

The Importance of Business Design

The number one skill of an entrepreneur is to raise capital. However, many people fail to do so because they focus on the product rather than designing a business that attracts capital.

At the seminar, a significant portion of the time will be dedicated to understanding how to design a business that attracts capital. Participants will learn how to create a business with a strong mission, good team, and leadership, and with strong foundations in legal, systems, communications, and cash flow.

Robert Kiyosaki's Experience

Robert Kiyosaki shared his first-hand experience during the seminar. As an entrepreneur, he had a great product, but he struggled to raise capital. Even when his product started to sell, he struggled to find investors. When he approached his rich dad to borrow some money, he was met with a vehement response questioning the design of his business.

Kiyosaki learned that successful entrepreneurs design a business that attracts capital, not just a product. In this seminar, you can learn from his experience and create a well-designed business that one can invest in, whether it's in real estate or a nylon wallet.

How to Raise Capital: Who Should Attend the Three-Day Seminar?

If you're someone who is interested in becoming an entrepreneur, either in real estate or building a business, then "How to Raise Capital" is the number one skill you need to master. In this article, we will discuss who should attend the three-day seminar on raising capital.

The Cash Flow Quadrant

The three-day seminar is designed for people who want to move from being an employee or self-employed to owning a big business or becoming an investor. As Robert Kiyosaki explained in his book, Rich Dad Poor Dad, the cash flow quadrant consists of:

  • E stands for employee
  • S stands for self-employed
  • B stands for big business
  • I stands for investor

Understanding the Seminar

The three-day seminar is not for someone who wants to just go from being an employee to self-employed. People who want to do this generally in America can get what's called an SBA loan (Small Business Administration loan), and it's for small businesses. Instead, the seminar is for people who want to operate a successful business and raise capital.

Skilled Entrepreneurship

The seminar is for skilled entrepreneurs who want to build a bigger business and make a change in their lives. However, first, you have to change your mind, your mindset, your education, and also meet new people who are more interested in this side of the quadrant.

Business Design and Venture Capital

The seminar is more about designing a better business and raising capital than designing a better product. Designing a well-thought-out business will automatically raise the capital, making sure the business attracts sophisticated investors.

Discounts and Early Bird Offers

The seminar's starting price is $5,000, and there are early bird discounts, discounts for people who've already attended the seminar, and most importantly, for our insiders.

Designing a business that attracts capital is the number one skill of an entrepreneur. this may, at robert kiyosaki's seminar, entrepreneurs can learn how to design such a business. don't miss this unique opportunity to learn from his experience and discover the secret to raising capital.

If you're interested in becoming an entrepreneur in real estate or building a business, then learning how to raise capital is the most important skill you need to master. The seminar is for people who want to operate a successful business and attract sophisticated investors. Attend the seminar and learn about designing a well-thought-out business and raising capital organically. There are discounts and early bird offers, so stay tuned for part three of my installment on how to raise capital.

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