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How to Generate Long-form Articles Using ChatGPT

First things first, proper credit for this method goes to Words at Scale for introducing me to it. I found this method to be pretty interesting and, in my opinion, I made it even better. So, a big thank you to Words at Scale for showing me this amazing prompt!

The New Church EPT Prompt

This method utilizes a new Church EPT prompt and works best in the OpenAI playground. If you don't have access to the playground, I will leave a link in the description for you to access it. People have reported that this prompt gives access to ChatGPT4, but if you still don't have access, you can follow these steps:

  1. Use version 3.5
  2. Be billed for your usage of version 3.5
  3. Establish your reliability as a user who always pays
  4. You will then be upgraded to Chat EPT4

How Does This Prompt Work?

This prompt is super interesting and works in a unique way. I have made a few additions for better results. Here's a step-by-step breakdown:

  1. Generate 10 of the most frequently asked questions about black tie attire for men.
  • Consider incorporating SEO optimization and popular keywords.
  1. Take the first question from the list generated in step one and write a 10 paragraph article using markdown formatting.
  • Utilize lists and tables where applicable.
  1. Repeat step two for each question on the list.

  2. The end result is a surprisingly good long-form article.

It's important to note that instead of writing separate conclusions for each article, we will write one overall article with each new question being an H2 header. This gives the article a cohesive structure.

Additional Tips for Content Creation

  • Always write in markdown and start each article with an H2 header.
  • Consider including internal links at least once in the entire article to add context for ChatGPT.
  • Avoid using the same internal link more than once.

Executing the Prompt

To execute this prompt effectively, follow these instructions:

  1. Set the temperature to a low value. A setting of 3.5 works well, but you can also try 4 based on personal preference.
  2. Execute steps one to eleven of the prompt, which will generate the long-form article.
  3. Convert the markdown output to HTML using a tool like markdown-to-html.com.
  4. Edit the HTML output as needed to clean up any formatting issues or inconsistencies.

Reviewing the Generated Article

After converting the markdown to HTML, review the content for completion and accuracy. Count the total number of words to assess the length of the article. In this case, the article generated 1500 words, which is quite impressive for a ChatGPT completion.

However, it's worth noting that the completion may not always cover all the content desired. In such cases, you can add a continuation prompt and execute it again to ensure completeness.

Enhancing the Article With Tables and FAQ Schema

To provide a more comprehensive reading experience and enhance the article's SEO capabilities, you can consider adding a table summarizing the information covered. Additionally, including an FAQ section with FAQ page schema further improves the article's value.

Benefits of Logical SEO

What makes this method stand out is its reliance on logical SEO instead of keyword-driven SEO. By trusting ChatGPT to ask the right questions, we ensure that the article covers popular queries that people search for on Google. This approach improves the article's relevance and potential for ranking higher in search engine results.


This method of generating long-form articles using ChatGPT is a powerful tool for content creators. By leveraging the prompts, taking advantage of markdown formatting, and incorporating additional elements like tables and FAQ schema, you can easily produce well-structured and information-rich articles. Keep exploring and experimenting with different templates and prompts to optimize your content creation process. Happy writing!

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