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How to Find Easy Niches for Your New AI SEO Website

If you're interested in setting up an AI SEO website but struggling to find a niche that isn't too competitive, this article is for you. We will discuss some tips and tricks on how to find low competition niches and make the most out of them.

Use Flipper.com

One of the best ways to find low competition niches is to check out Flipper.com. This website is where you can buy and sell websites, and it's an excellent way to find a "proof of concept." By going through this website, you can easily figure out which websites are making money from SEO and are easy to monetize. Therefore, you have a chance to rank your new AI SEO website.

Here's how you can use Flipper.com to find these niches:

  1. Go to Flipper.com and click on "Revenue Generating."
  2. Scroll down and look for the blogs section. We know that these websites are already making money with SEO, and hence it's a proven website that we can monetize too.
  3. Depending on how much money you want to make, select a monthly profit of at least $300.
  4. Set the authority score to be pretty low to make sure that the site can compete in the industry.
  5. Filter down by age and look for websites that are starting to make money within six months or less.

With these filters, you will get websites that have only been started within the last year or so and are making a decent net profit already. You can use these websites as inspiration for your own niche research.

Find Niches That Are Subjective and Opinionated

When you are creating AI SEO content, the more subjective and opinionated it is, the better. For example, spiritual niches are fantastic for AI SEO because they are not fact-driven, and hence, if you create content with AI for that particular niche, it doesn't matter. You're not going to be misleading anyone because there's no strict definition. You want to find sub-niches because if you narrow it down, it becomes easier for you to compete as an AI SEO website.

Avoid Money or Your Life Topics

Always avoid your money or your life topics because if you give the wrong information, it could be detrimental to the person reading it. Additionally, avoid Amazon affiliate programs. Amazon is easy to monetize, but for your margins, you get absolutely screwed. Some categories now with Amazon affiliate are actually at zero percent, and that's the way Amazon commissions are going with affiliates. Diversify away from Amazon before you start creating your content by finding affiliate schemes that are niche-specific.

Use Chat GPT to Find the Best Affiliate Programs

You can use GPT-4 to browse for Bing and find potential affiliate schemes that you can monetize your site with. Diversify away from Amazon affiliate before you start your content and tailor your keywords around the best affiliate schemes that would bring in the most income for you. Chat GPT can put the best ones into a comparison table with commission rates so that you can compare which affiliate schemes are the best fit, and it's way easier to figure out the best one for you.

How to Find Profitable Sub-Niches for Your SEO Site Using AI

Are you struggling to find profitable sub-niches for your SEO site? Look no further than artificial intelligence (AI) and filtering metrics. Here's how:

  1. Use Affiliate Programs: Look for affiliate programs with longer "cookie durations" to increase your chances of making a commission. Research the program to ensure accuracy.

  2. Focus on Spiritual Niches: Spiritual topics often fall within the criteria of subjective, low competition, and low domain rating. Use filtering metrics to identify low authority sites and informational related content to create your own low competition SEO site.

  3. Take Advantage of AI: Utilize AI to create tons of informational content quickly and easily. You can scale your content, launch fast, and refine your niche research with tutorials and video training.

The free course offered by the author provides a wealth of information and guidance to help you launch a successful SEO site. With the power of AI, finding profitable sub-niches has never been easier. So what are you waiting for? Get started today.

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