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How to Create an SEO-Friendly WordPress Website in Under 10 Minutes

When I sat down to make a video tutorial on creating an SEO-friendly WordPress website in under 10 minutes, little did I know that I would stumble upon an interesting case study. In a twist of fate, I found myself exploring a website called Coffee Somnium, which I had completely forgotten about.

Unveiling the Mess: Coffee Somnium

Upon landing on the Coffee Somnium website, it became increasingly clear that its design was less than impressive. The header alone featured a mishmash of unrelated items such as "Opt Out Preferences," "Privacy Disclaimer," and peculiar topics like "Is Hunting Legal in Nebraska." Digging deeper, I discovered pages like "Website Terms and Conditions of Use" and "Hunting License Costs in the United States." It was evident that the content was not cohesive, and the website lacked a clear focus.

The Mystery of Pre-Written Articles

As I delved further into Coffee Somnium, I stumbled upon a collection of articles that I had no recollection of writing. These articles appeared to be pre-written and possibly related to hosting services. It was a perplexing discovery.

The Power of Proper Setup

Despite its subpar design and unrelated content, Coffee Somnium surprisingly performed well in terms of SEO. With 72 keywords and receiving 11 traffic, it was evident that the website was ranking for some lucrative keywords. Notably, it ranked 10th in the United States for the query "How much is a large iced coffee at McDonald's?" The majority of the traffic came from this single article.

This unexpected success underscored the importance of proper website setup, as outlined in my comprehensive AI SEO course from scratch for beginners. The video demonstrated the significance of essential elements such as a well-crafted "About Us" page, complete with a genuine picture and a connection to my LinkedIn profile. Despite initial skepticism, these elements seemed to contribute to the website's ranking success.

Unveiling the Magic of Good Keyword Research

The triumph of Coffee Somnium also highlighted the value of thorough keyword research. By utilizing tools like Ahrefs, I was able to identify valuable keywords and create targeted content around them. The article about McDonald's iced coffee proved to be a hidden gem, attracting a significant portion of the website's traffic.

This discovery confirms that diligent keyword research can help uncover valuable opportunities, even in less conventional niches. The success of Coffee Somnium stands as a testament to the power of finding "Diamonds in the Rough."

Reviving Auto Blogging: A Second Chance

My accidental payment for another month of Auto Blogging AI led me to consider giving this method another try. Armed with the knowledge and experience gained from my previous attempt, I have a strong inclination to tackle a new niche and conduct even more meticulous keyword research. I envision creating a well-structured website, submitting it to search console after categorizing the content, and then letting it run its course. I am confident that, with the right approach, I can achieve great success in this endeavor.

The Reliability of Auto Blogging AI

In my interactions with the Auto Blogging AI team, I was pleasantly surprised by their responsiveness and professionalism. They promptly refunded the accidental payment without any issues. This experience solidified my confidence in their service and their ability to deliver results.

Join Me on the Journey

If the prospect of witnessing the potential of auto blogging firsthand entices you, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Let me know in the comments if you would like to see me undertake this experiment again, perhaps in a different niche. With the perfect combination of meticulous keyword research, content generation, and submission to search console, I am optimistic about the outcome.

In conclusion, the story of Coffee Somnium offers valuable insights into the world of SEO and website creation. It reminds us that, with the right elements in place and strategic keyword research, success can be achieved, even in the most unpromising situations. Stay tuned for more content as I continue to explore the realm of SEO and share my findings. Peace out!

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