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How to Create a Professional Website Without Coding and Spending Money

In this modern era, a website is not just a URL, it's your identity. It doesn't matter who you are or how small your business may be, everyone likes to know more about you before availing your services, and a well-designed webpage is the best way to introduce yourself. However, not everyone possesses proper knowledge of web development, and hiring a professional web developer can be quite costly. But fear not, there are ways to reduce those costs, and you can even run a website without spending a single penny. Yes, it sounds incredible, right? Believe it or not, today I will show you how to create a professional website without any coding and without spending any money. So open your browser and let's dive in!

Step 1: Go to the Jimdo Website

First, go to the Jimdo website. It's a web Builder AI with a vast number of services available. You can create your own website without having any coding knowledge. To create your first website, navigate to the top and hit the "Start Free" button.

Step 2: Create an Account

Now, create an account with your email or Google account. After creating an account successfully, you will see the page where you have two options:

  1. Create a website without coding knowledge
  2. Editor for coding experts

If you are a coding expert, then select the second option. But we will select the first one because we want to create a website without any code. Click on the "Start Now" button.

Step 3: Answer Some Simple Questions

Now, you have to answer some simple questions so that AI can understand what kind of website you want to create. Select your identity, such as a single individual or a group of people. Then, select the main purpose of your website, whether it's for a new business or professional project, personal project, hobby, or even an established business.

After selecting your topic, hit the "Continue" button. Now, give a name to your website. For example, if you want to create an e-commerce website selling headphones, you can use the creative business name generated by Chat GPT, such as "Aerobeat." Copy the name and paste it into Jimdo, then click on "Continue".

Next, select your physical location and business category. For our example, we will select "e-commerce." Select your goal, such as selling online, and indicate whether you have your own product or will sell third-party products. In this case, we will select "sell online" and choose the second option for selling third-party products.

Select your service area, whether it's your own city, country, or worldwide. If you have a Facebook or Instagram page related to your business, you can import photos and content from there.

Then, select your product and service category. In our example, we will enter "earphone." If you don't find any matches, you can click on "no matches."

Finally, select your website style and color palette. Choose the style that appeals to you and represents your brand. Click on "Continue."

Step 4: AI Generates Design and Samples

Now, AI will take a little time to create our design. It will generate two samples for you to review and select the best one that suits your preferences and brand image.

Review both samples and select the one you prefer. In our example, we selected the first one. Click on "Continue."

Step 5: Choose a Domain Name

Now, you can see the domain names of your business name, but this may be a paid service. You can continue with a free subdomain service.

Step 6: Customize Your Website

Congratulations! You have now created your website. You can customize it as per your needs to make it unique and professional.

Here are a few customization options you can consider:

  1. Adding an Image Logo: In the header section, you can add an image logo to your website. You can also add your social media links.

  2. Changing the Header Primary Button: Modify the primary button in the header section. For example, change "Book Now" to "Shop Now" and link it to your shop page.

  3. Changing the Website Logo: You can change the logo of your website by adding a selected image. Adjust the size of the logo as needed.

  4. Changing Background Images: Customize the background images in different blocks of your website. Choose images that align with your brand and make the website visually appealing.

  5. Adding Product Photos: If you have an e-commerce website, add product photos along with titles and prices. You can use AI-generated product images to make your products look professional.

Feel free to explore all the customization options available and make the necessary changes to create a website that reflects your brand's personality and style.

Step 7: Publish Your Website

After completing the customization, you are now in the final step. Click on the "Publish" button to make your website live. Congratulations, your brand new website is ready to be shared!

Step 8: Share Your Experience

Now that you have successfully built a website with AI and without any code, we would love to hear about your experience. Share your thoughts, results, and any additional customizations you made in the comments section below. Don't forget to like this tutorial if you found it helpful and subscribe to our channel for more amazing tutorials like this one.

Thank you so much for watching, and until next time, happy creating!


In this article, we discussed how to create a professional website without coding and spending any money. We explored the steps involved, starting from creating an account on the Jimdo website to customizing your website and publishing it. Using AI web builders like Jimdo makes it easy for anyone, even without coding knowledge, to create a professional website. With the right customization and attention to detail, you can create a website that represents your brand effectively. So why wait? Start building your website today and make your online presence known to the world!

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